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Having Fun with

the Holidays


Your Family, Your Pets and the Holidays

Every new year brings with it a new beginning and
a new year for each of our holidays to re-appear. Each holiday
we would like to celebrate with you.

In this section of our web site we wanted to pay tribute
to each holiday, and have a special emphasis on your pet
and each holiday.

We hope you will enjoy what you find here and come back
often as we will be continually up-dating this page with
new material as each holiday grows closer.

At Pet Care Tips we wish for you, your family and your pets
only the very best and most joyous times as you celebrate
each holiday with us.

This entire site is a family site. You will not need to
be concerned about your children finding something here
you wouldn't want them to. We take pride in offering you
and your family a clean site where all family members can
go to have fun and learn more about each subject we offer
you. And as always, every page we have is free for you to
use as often as you like.

Enjoy your stay here with us, and if you like our site,
please use our Tell a Friend form below by selecting the
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Select any link below to find out more about each holiday.

Christmas and Santa Claus
Enjoy our special tribute to the holiday season, Santa
and all his magic at Christmas time. This is a wonderful place
for all kids, young and old. You will really like this,
it's tons of fun and has a lot of the old Christmas stories
we all love.

Our Tribute to Christmas and Santa Claus

New Years
Finding a Good Pet Sitter for Your Pet on New Years Eve
Help! My dog goes crazy on New Years!
The New Year's Celebration and Your Pet

Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Groundhog Day
Celebrating Groundhog Day!
All About Woodchucks

Valentine's Day
Saint Valentine's Day and Your Pet
The History of Saint Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day Treats are Dangerous for Your Pets

Presidents Day
President Calvin Coolidge's Pets
President George W Bush Senior's Pets
President George Washington's Pets
President Gerald Ford's Pets
President Theodore Roosevelt's Pets
President Woodrow Wilson's Pets
St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick's Day: Irish Sayings and Blessings
St. Patrick's Day History - Folklore, Food and Fun
St. Patrick's Day History - Pirates, Patrick and the Celts
St. Patrick's Day History - Folklore, Phobias, and Fairies
St. Patrick's Day History - Folklore, Shamrocks and Parades
Saint Patrick's Day - Strange Animals of Ireland - Horse-
eels, Hairy-eels, and Peistes

Saint Patrick's Day - Strange Animals of Ireland - Water Bulls
Saint Patrick's Day - Strange Animals of Ireland - Water Dogs
Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster


Easter History and Folklore
Some History of the Easter Egg
Flag Day
History of The American Flag
The Star Spangled Banner
Uncle Sam
The Pledge Of Allegiance
The USS Constitution "Old Ironsides"

July 4th
Independence Hall Philadelphia, Pa.
The Constitution of The United Sates
The Declaration of Independence
The Liberty Bell
What Happened To The Signers of The Declaration Independence

It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

The Thanksgiving Turkey
Turkey History & Trivia
Turkey Facts
More Turkey Facts
Still More Turkey Facts
The Tradition of Turkey at Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Movies with Animal Friends for Children

See Also our other Famous sites: Famous People,
Famous Pets & Animals, Famous Places
Famous People, Places & Pets Here

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