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Animals George

Washington had

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George Washington had these Pets
By: Tippy & Alfred

Presidents Day is a day set aside to commemorate those great
Americans who have led the United States through its various
trials and triumphs. These great men have led the way and
set an example for every American, but what about their
pets? These great men also had great support from some
unexpected furry sources.

Our first President George Washington, for example, had
three staghounds, four black and tan hounds, two donkeys and
a horse as pets.

Washington's three Staghounds were named Sweet Lips,
Scentwell and Vulcan. Staghounds are long-legged dogs, with
a deep chest and strong muscles. The Staghound is a "sight
hound" and has great vision, and some have been bred for
more scenting ability while on course as well. Staghounds
wear the same assortment of colors or color patterns that
can be found in the Greyhound and Scottish Deerhound, and
they look somewhat like a cross between the two. They are
mainly used to flush game for hunting humans.

Drunkard, Taster, Tipler and Tipsy where all George
Washington's Black and Tan Hounds. Black and Tan Hounds are
American working dogs that are also good hunting dogs. They
are best known as raccoon hunters.

Royal Gift was George Washington's donkey. Royal Gift got
his name because he was a present from the King of Spain.
The Marquis de La Fayette sent The Knight of Malta, another
stud donkey, as a gift. After receiving the studs George
Washington bred his best mares to them and sent the Jacks on
a tour of the South as part of a breeding program. Mules
then became a valuable part of the South's land production.
They even served in the Armed Forces up until the Korean
War. President George Washington is called by some the
"Father of the American Mule" for his efforts.

George Washington also had two war horses named Nelson and
Blueskin. He was so attached to them that after the
Revolutionary War he brought both of them back to Mt Vernon
to live out their days. An avid horsemen with a love for
horses, George Washington owned twenty-one horses when he
died. He involved himself in every type of activity to do
with horses. He rode one pony, "Chinky" a Chincoteague pony,
one hundred forty-seven miles in a single day from his home
in Mount Vernon to Williamsburg Virginia.

Mt Vernon in the present has become synonymous with good
breeding and good livestock. George Washington's lands are
still maintained and you can take a tour of the grounds.
There were many animals that lived on that land and farm
when George Washington died, and stories are still told today
about his breeding programs.

George Washington served as the President of the United
States from 1789 to 1797 and was our first president. He
helped to found the United States and led the Continental
Army in the American Revolutionary War against Great Britain
from 1775 to 1783. He was a great man who to still this day
symbolizes freedom and the foundation of the United States.
At his funeral Henry Lee said that George Washington was
"first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of
his countrymen. And we know that Washington's animals were
an important part of his life and so of his heritage as

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