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What are some

good and bad snacks

for my Pet Rabbit?

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As a responsible and caring rabbit owner you no doubt know
that the bulk of your rabbit's diet should be fresh grass
hay, such as timothy, meadow, prairie, brome or oat hay.

There are also a few other items that you should add to your
rabbit's diet for its good health.

Alfalfa Hay

Alfalfa hay is too high in calories, protein and calcium to
be healthy as a major food source for adult rabbits, but you
can give your adult rabbits small amounts of alfalfa hay
occasionally as a treat. Young rabbits do need some alfalfa
hay as a regular part of their diets because they need more
calories and protein since they are growing and are probably
also more active than their parents.

Rabbit Pellets

Rabbit pellets such as are sold at feed and pet stores are
not suitable as the bulk of your rabbit's diet, but you
should offer a handful or so of pellets every day.

Fresh Vegetables

Leafy greens are great for your rabbits, and you should
offer them several types of leafy greens every day. Be sure
to introduce new vegetables slowly and one at a time so that
you can watch for any bad reactions such as soft stools.

Some vegetables recommended (give in moderation) by
experienced rabbit owners:

Carrots and tops
Beet tops
Broccoli crowns and leaves
Finely sliced celery
Radish tops
Kale and any other member of the basic family
Green peppers
Unsprayed raspberry or blackberry leaves
Small amounts of tomato
Romaine and other loose-leaved lettuces
Dandelion greens
Edible flowers

Note: Nutritious leafy greens does not include Iceberg
Lettuce and other head lettuces, which have so few nutrients
that ignorant though probably well-meaning pet owners have
starved animals to death by feeding mostly Iceberg Lettuce.

Vegetables to avoid include Iceberg Lettuce, raw beans,
rhubarb, legumes, corn, onions, potatoes or nuts.

Other foods to avoid giving to your rabbits include salty
snacks, breads, cereals, chocolate, candies or any other
high-sugar foods, or vitamin supplements that have not been
prescribed by your veterinarian.

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