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This Elegant Greyhound Figurine Will Grace Any Place

This figurine of the elegant Greyhound will grace any place
you put it, from your desktop at the office to the
collector's cabinet of your friend or loved one.

Greyhounds were bred for speed, and they look like they are
moving even when they are standing still. They also are one
of the most quiet and gentle of the dog breeds, as anyone
who has owned a Greyhound will tell you. They have been
called "Forty-five mile per hour couch potatoes."

Originally the Greyhound breed worked as hunters, coursing
deer and hare for their masters. Some still work as hunters,
but most working Greyhounds today chase artificial lures in
races and coursing matches. Both the American Kennel Club
and the American Sighthound Field Association sponsor lure
coursing events in North America.

These artistically designed and lifelike figurines depict
the Greyhound in the graceful and charming poses that are
characeristic of the beautiful dog we know and love. Buy one
for yourself and more to give as unique gifts to other dog
lovers. These figurines are charming and low cost, and make
great hostess gifts for the holidays.

These elegant Greyhounds are waiting at our easy-to-use and
secure online store. And while you're there, be sure to see
the many other low-cost Greyhound dog accessories,
figurines, calendars, gifts, and more. We also have great
items for most of the other dog breeds.

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Tippy & Alfred made this page while wondering,
Tippy can run pretty fast chasing cows for a Border Collie, but she
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says if you have a Greyhound, bring them on over to the farm
and they'll have a run for the money!

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