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Some Interesting Info about Greyhound Dogs
By: Tippy

The Greyhound is a brave, elegant, intelligent, loyal,
sensitive and sweet dog. But with owners that are unsure or
meek they can become willful. The Greyhound tends to be
reserved towards humans in general. These dogs should be
socialized well at an early age in order to avoid timidity.
In general these dogs are even-tempered and gentle,
including both racing and show lines.

This dog breed is very ancient and is the fastest dog in the
world. Greyhounds have been clocked at speeds of forty miles
per hour when racing. Greyhounds were bred for speed and
that is the dog's greatest gift.

Some sources believe that the Greyhound is descended from
the Arabian Sloughi that was brought to England in nine
hundred AD by traders. Many centuries ago they were used to
hunt deer and wild boar. They were known to catch these
animals and pull them down without stopping.

These dogs do not do well around other domestic animals.
They have a very strong chase instinct and will torment any
animal smaller than them, especially cats and geese.
Essentially they will chase anything that runs quickly.

Greyhounds are primarily used as racing dogs today, where
they chase mechanical rabbits. This sport is very popular in
some countries, including the United States. After retiring
from racing these dogs are often destroyed, so racing
Greyhound Rescues have sprung up that help the dogs be
adopted or fostered.

The Greyhound is a contoured, sleek dog that is built for
speed. They have an extraordinary flexible curved spine and
a very deep chest. The neck is graceful and long. The front
legs are absolutely straight with the hindquarters being
very muscular and powerful with an arched loin. The tail is
long and carried low with a slight upward curve at the end.

The head is long with barely any stop and the muzzle tapers.
Between the ears the skull is wide. They have small ears
that are rose-like and fold back. The eyes are dark. The
coat is short and smooth and comes in all dog colors. The
Greyhound, even in repose, looks fast.

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Page By: Tippy & Alfred in
between their nap times. They think they are going to turn on
the TV and watch some dog racing. Alfred thinks he could
probably out run any of those dogs anyway, at least he certainly
would be better at chasing a mouse....