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Barking Problems - Things to try when you aren't near the Dog
By: Tippy

Dogs may bark a lot when you are away from home as well. For
this kind of behavior you can try crating the dog so that it
feels more comfortable while you are away. This kind of
problem is often more about separation anxiety and requires
a different training method to get it under control.

There are also barking collars that you can use if you can't
train the dog yourself or hire someone to do it for you.
There are a lot of different types of barking collars. Some
cause an electric shock when your dog barks. Some emit a
sound that is annoying to the dog.

Another type emits Citronella, a bad smell, when the dog
starts barking. Because of the immediate reinforcement that
this behavior is bad it can correct a dog's bad barking

The problem with these collars is that they train the dog to
think that communicating by barking is bad in general. In
some cases you may want your dog to alert you, such as when
the mail comes or when there is an intruder. By teaching it
to not bark at all you may have a more serious problem on
your hands.

But, if you have no other recourse then get a barking collar
that emits sound or citronella. These are the most humane.

Another method that is sometimes used is by having the
larynx cut in the dog. This stops a dog from making any
noise at all. This is very inhumane as dogs communicate by
using noises and by stopping noises from being emitted
altogether you can be setting yourself up for other bad
behaviors to take root.

Training is the most effective method for stopping your dog
from excessive barking. Training for the dog as well as
training for the human.

Hello all you pet fans, I'm Flip, a really cool German Shepherd
and I don't have a barking problem, never have had, and
never will have. I deserve lots of doggie treats!

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