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15 Must-Ask Questions before you hire your Horseback Riding

Deb Mazza

Have you ever imagined yourself walking boldly into a paddock to
catch "your horse"?

You slip the halter on smoothly, close the snap, and then your
well-trained animal walks calmly beside you, through the gate,
and waits patiently as you close it.

From there, you groom your horse effortlessly, saddle and bridle
it without fuss and then, you are ready to ride. Your Riding
Instructor is in the ring, ready to teach.

You either head for a block, or ramp, and your horse waits
patiently for you to climb aboard. As you feel the morning sun on
your face, you breathe a contented sigh.


Here is your chance to make that imagined scene really happen for
YOU, no matter how inexperienced or worried you are; no matter
what your age. I have seen this happen many times in my 30 years
as a Horseback Riding Instructor and it CAN happen for you.

My question to you is: ....................Are you ready to?

The only way to put horses into your life with safety and fun is
to find a riding instructor that you can connect with. Here are a
few questions to ask a riding instructor or yourself as you begin
the process:

1. What does the farm look like? Is the barn neat and are fences
in good repair?

2. Is there an enclosed riding area?

3. What is the farm's safety record? As you watch a few lessons,
are the horses well-behaved?

4. Are the Horses healthy?

5. Are you able to spend pre-lesson time with a horse or does
someone else do all the grooming and saddling for you?

6. Is the riding instructor available to work with you during
the lessons or is it an assistant?

7. Do all the riders wear helmets? If not, really think about
that-you only have one head and it won't last long if you fall on

8. Is the instructor patient and compassionate with the riders?
What tone does the coach use during the lessons?

9. Is there an awareness of each rider's learning style and
fear level?

10. How does the riding instructor handle challenges or problems
in the ring?

11. Are there opportunities to become involved with horses other
than riding?

12. Are you able to watch and work with more advanced riders?

13. Are you financially and physically able to commit to one
lesson per week? The more we repeat a process, the faster we
learn it.

14. Are you able to do any type of physical fitness work between
lessons to gain endurance?

15. Do students look like they are having fun?

Wouldn't YOU like to learn how to be happy with horses? START
RIGHT Now by printing these questions and then looking for your
Horseback Riding Instructor!

Deb Mazza is a 1976 honors Graduate of Meredith Manor School of
Horsemanship. Discover how you can use her skills to become the
confident horseback rider you have always dreamed of being. She
opened her horse farm in 1985 in Bridport, VT. Learn more at

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