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Dr. Jane's Home Health

Checkup on how to

keep Dogs Healthy

Tips for what to look for in a Healthy Dog

Health Check up for a Happier, Healthier Dog
Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M.

Before you can decide which nutritional approach to
take for your dog, you need to determine the state of his

The following is a general physical you can give your
dog at home.

1. Have you noticed changes in your dog's attitude or
behavior, such as lethargy, restlessness, loss of appetite,
trouble getting up, aggression?

2. Does the dog's coat look dull, dry, brittle, sparse, greasy?
It should be shiny, full and healthy looking.

3. Do you see dandruff?

4. Is the dog's skin dry or oily? Take your finger and feel
at the top of the shoulders and at the rump. Normal skin
should leave a slight film on your finger.

5. Is your dog biting and scratching himself? Is the skin
irritated or sore?

6. Does your dog have an odor?

7. Are his Whiskers short and broken? They should be
long and full.

8. Is there a dark discharge from his eyes? (Watery,
colorless discharge is common to many breeds)

9. Are his ears tender to the touch, odorous, red, and
inflamed? Normal ears should be healthy pink, without
an odor.

10. Does his breath smell?

11. When you look at his teeth and gums, do you see
swelling at the gum line, with or without tartar? A healthy
mouth should contain white or slightly discolored teeth
with pleasingly pink, healthy looking gums.

12. When you touch the breastbone and thigh areas, are
they flaccid? A well exercised dog should have firm

13. Are your dog's ribs too prominent or simply not
detectable? When you run your hands along his ribs, there
should not be more than a pinch of fat and muscle over them.

See also: my Easy to read online chart if your dog is
overweight or not

14. Do you feel or see any sores or lumps as you move
your hand over your dog's body, from head to tail,
left side, right side, underside, and under the tail? Is
the anal area red or swollen?

15. Does your dog have any fleas or ticks? If you stand
your dog on a light colored towel or sheet and mess up
his coat, is flea dirt or eggs (black or red specks) visible?

16. Are the pads of the feet cracked, brittle or dry?

If you answered yes to any of the above, your dog may
have a condition that can be alleviated with some changes
in his diet, or at the very least, his general health can be
improved to a higher standard.

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