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Please tell me how

I can Tell if

my Dog Is Fat?


How To Tell If My Dog Is Fat

How Your dog can safely lose weight?

A Fat Dog:

Difficult to feel ribs with excess fat covering.
Viewed from the side, belly has minimal or no tuck.
Viewed from above, no waist in front of the hips.

Overweight Dog Top View

Ideal Weight Dog

Easy to feel ribs without excess fat covering.
Viewed from the side, belly is tucked up.
Viewed from above, a noticeable waist in front of the hips

Ideal Weight Dog Top View

How Your Dog Can Lose Weight Safely

Obesity is one of the greatest health concerns facing our pets.
It can cause unnecessary suffering and shortened lifespan. Your
dog depends on you to help him live the healthiest life possible.

Give your dog a weight loss food that actually works and will keep
your dog in robust good health with a shiny coat and the energy to
live life to its fullest.

In formulating the Weight Loss Formula
Dr. Jane Bicks set out to create a dog weight loss
food in a class by itself.

Dr. Bicks wanted dogs to achieve weight loss without the usual maladies
that they endure on typical weight reduction foods such as loss of
vitality, poor skin and coat and unmanageable stools.

To accomplish their goal, each ingredient had to pass a rigorous selection
process for quality, effectiveness and the ability to work synergistically
with each other to enhance the total nutritional value. Indeed, the
ingredients in Weight Loss formula are the same wholesome foods you buy at
the supermarket.

Lose unwanted extra pounds

Maintain lean muscle tissue

Attain a shiny, healthy coat

Build & maintain a strong defense system

Provide the energy and overall good health to enjoy life to its fullest!

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Low Fat All Natural Treats!

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