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What does your Horse Trailer Say?
by Uncle Oscar

Every time I go to a horse camp where the rigs are
parked so people can camp and ride, I see the dandiest
things painted on the trailers.

Usually I see the sides of trailers, both gooseneck and
bumper pull, painted with the name of the riders. "The
Richardson's, Steve and Deeda" comes to mind.

Some add a location under the names, like naming a boat
and proclaiming the port. It's always a toot to "ride
the camp" looking at what everyone else is driving
and/or pulling.

Some have vistas of forests and sunsets. I have seen
some with brands in a prominent location.

And I have seen some painted fronts, either the
gooseneck part that sites over the pulling truck or the
top part of the bumper pull that shows when meeting
another vehicle. That's nice, but I envision a ton of
time scraping off the bugs from my name.

The big billboard, however, is the rear. That part the
people following you have no choice but to read.

What is there, more than anywhere else says what you
are all about.

I followed one into a camp recently, a big gooseneck,
and both back doors were shiny chrome.. and the sun was
just right, it almost blinded me. Who knows if there
was anything to read, I was having trouble keeping the
laser beam of the sun out of my eyes. When I buy a new
one you can bet the chrome won't be on the back doors.

One of the first trailer-door billboards I ever saw,
and this was many years ago, said "Stay Back - Show
Horses" It was a two horse tag along in need of some
fender body work and a new coat of paint. The wheels
didn't match either. I can bet what kid of show those
horses put on.

The truck stop is a good place for safety signs and
tape. That red and white reflecting tape looks good on
the back, especially at night. I saw a back door the
other day that had one of those big 18 wheeler signs on
it "Caution Wide Turns" with a picture of a car
crashing into a left turning truck and trailer.

Another one said "If you can't see my mirrors, I can't
see you". I like that.

Another one said "Live Cargo on Board - Horses"

and "Please stay back - Don't be what you see"
There was the one that had two words across the
whole width of the trailer "Caution Horses". Each word
must have been a foot high and three and a half feet
long. But wait, there's more. Underneath that was a
monster picture of Yosemite Same, the Warner Brothers
cartoon character with both rootin' tootin' pistols
pointed at me and underneath two more really big words
"Back Off". That told me a lot about the owners..I I
found it refreshing, informative and with a sense of
humor. I never met them but I can bet that's the kind
of people they were.

On a legal note, I hope Warner Brothers does not get
wind of the use of a copyrighted cartoon figure.

What your horse trailer says can say a lot about you,
and may be a factor in whether or nor your camp
neighbors come over to introduce themselves.

This article and hundreds more about horses and places
to trail ride and camp can be found at

Copyright 2006 Uncle Oscar and Lazy-S-Stables
all rights reserved. Uncle Oscar has been around horses
all his life from early beginnings in Southwest Missouri.
His down-home philosophy and tips have helped many
people through the years.

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