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Horse Training facts and Maxims
Andy Curry

To the uninitiated horse owner, there are timely facts about
horses they should know. When someone first gets a horse
these facts should be studied and learned.

These timely facts come from the Jesse Beery horse training
manual. Jesse Beery was a famous horse trainer from the 1800's.
Interestingly, Beery's training methods are as powerful today as
they were when Beery was alive.

Timely Fact #1:

Make your horse your friend, not your slave.

Timely Fact #2:

Almost every wrong act of the horse is caused by fear, excitement
or mismanagement. One harsh word will increase the pulse of a
nervous horse ten beats a minute. Hoses know nothing about
balking until forced into it by bad management. Any balky horse
an be started steady and true in a few minutes. I never found one
that I could not teach to start his load in fifteen minutes and
usually in three.

Timely Fact #3:

Intelligent horsemen have learned that kickers, biters and
balkers are natural results of abuse, that not one horse in a
hundred is vicious until made so by cruelty; that whipping a
horse is as mean and senseless as whipping a baby, and that the
most useful, obedient and long lived horses are those treated
from birth with kindness and common sense.

Timely Fact #4:

The whip is the parent of stubborness, but gentleness wins
obedience. There is no such thing as balkiness in a horse that is
kindly treated, and that gets an occasional apple, potato or
sugar from his master's hand.

Timely Fact #5:

When a hose is afraid or excited, quiet him by kind words and
caress. An excited horse is practically crazy and to whip him is
dangerous, foolish and cruel. I have known a single blow of the
whip to balk a spirited horse. Whipping a balky horse is
barbarous and only increases balkiness.

Andy Curry is a nationally known horse trainer and author of
several best selling horse training and horse care books. For
information visit his website at He
is also the leading expert on Jesse Beery's horse training
methods which can be seen at

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