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Saddle - finding the perfect Tack.
Sebastian Romero

The quality of equipment is important to any sport but in
horse riding, it is even more vital. The safety and comfort of
both the rider and the horse depend upon the tackle, and most
obviously, on the saddle. A saddle that is ill-fitting can lead
to an un-satisfactory and possibly dangerous ride. It can also
cause multiple health problems for the horse.

Unfortunately, many riding stables continue to use old saddles
without keeping them in good enough condition. Whether you own
a horse, or you or your child visit a stables regularly, it is
much safer and more enjoyable to buy your own saddle.

However, buying this piece of equipment through a regular tack
dealer or riding stables can be unaffordable, with prices
getting into the thousands. The internet offers a wider range
of alternatives, whatever you are willing to pay.

There are specialist dealers in customized saddles, or there
are places where you can buy or sell high-quality used saddles.
You are more likely to find one that is right for you with this
amount of choice.

Which saddle you choose will depend on whether you are a
beginner or experienced horse rider. For beginners, buying a
very expensive product is not recommended. How you ride will
change as you learn, and therefore the fit of your saddle may
need to change as your riding style evolves. Furthermore,
children outgrow saddles like they outgrow clothes, so a
mid-price saddle is best for them.

Next you will need to decide between a close contact or an
all-purpose saddle.

A close contact saddle has a flatter seat, and minimized
knee-roll, so that the legs of the rider are closer to the
horse. This benefits the connection between the two, but means
that a rider must be very exact with his or her leg position.
Therefore these saddles are better for a rider with skill and

The alternative, an all-purpose model, has a larger area of
seat and greater knee-rolls, and conventionally has suede at
the saddle flap to help position the knee. This can limit the
effectiveness of application of the leg, but this is actually
what you need as a beginner. Whilst you are a learning, it is
better to let the horse do the work, and increase your ability
to control it later.

Before buying online, it can be helpful to visit a shop for the
fitting. When trying a saddle you should sit at the lowest point
of the saddle and let your legs dangle naturally. They should
hand very, very slightly behind you, so you can maintain the
best riding position.

If you have your own horse, you can also send his measurements
to an online dealer, and they may be willing to fit the saddle
specially to your requirements.

A good fit and enjoyable ride is not the only benefit of a
top-quality, customized saddle. Most riders wish to sell this
piece of equipment when they have outgrown it, or
circumstances have changed. It is notoreously difficult to sell
cheap tack but the best saddles can sell for almost the amount
you paid second hand!

Sebastian Romero works in the security
industry and is a single father. Find more info Check out

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