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How to Find

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What to do to uncover the Right Dog Trainer

If you plan on getting your dog professionally trained his
training will only be as good as the trainer and training
program you choose. Dog training has changed a lot over the
last few decades and working with someone who is reputable
and up to date on all the practices can save you a lot of

If you don't know where to start to find a trainer you might
check with your dog's breeder or with the local breed club
for your dog's breed, and they may be willing to recommend

You should ask questions about the training methods that the
company or trainer uses. Do your research on those methods
to make sure they are methods that are still considered good

Some trainers may use specific equipment such as dog collars or
harnesses. Some may have this equipment and others may ask
you to purchase it for training sessions. Ask these
questions up front to make sure you completely understand
the costs of training.

There are many different types of certifications a trainer
can have. You should ask about what certifications your
trainer has and also if possible ask for a few referrals of
clients that you can touch base with to learn about their
experiences with that specific trainer.

Once you have found a dog trainer who is qualified and whom you
are comfortable with you may have to be patient as to how
long the training will take. Dogs are like people, some may
pick up training quickly while others will require more
patience and continued training. If you feel confident with
the trainer you have chosen but are not seeing immediate
results give it some time to see if things improve. Learning
good behavior does not always happen overnight.

Finding a good dog trainer may take a little work and
research on your end. However, the difference between a bad
trainer and a good trainer is significant, so to guarantee
the best results for your pooch it is worth the effort to
shop around.


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