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Purchasing the best Aquarium Type for your fishies.
Nathan Miller

Aquariums have evolved into a very popular hobby, with about
millions of aquarium and tropical fish enthusiasts worldwide.

Starting in the 1850s (when the predecessor of the modern
aquarium were first being developed as a novel curiosity) the
ranks of aquarium keeping has grown as more sophisticated
systems including lighting and filtration systems were
developed to keep aquarium fish healthy.

However before you can get started in the hobby you must first
buy an aquarium. When you get to the pet store or specialized
aquarium store you will have lots of aquarium tanks to choose

Metal Framework:

Most of the old style aquariums are made with sheets of glass,
which are held in a metal framework. This is usually
constructed of pieces of angle iron or stainless steel, which
are welded together at the corners. Leakage between the glass
and metal is prevented by putty aquarium cement, acrylic or
silicon sealant.

Battery Jars:

Fish Globes or Bowls: This type of aquarium is useful for
emergency purpose, but is not to be recommended as a permanent
features. The glasses are cast in one piece and a crack,
however small, may suddenly expand and cause a flood. This not
only results in a loss of fishes but also necessitates the
buying of a new tank, as it is impossible to repair the old

Also, when looking through the walls of this type of aquarium,
there is distortion, which adversely affects one's view of the
fishes. Similar disadvantages apply in fish globes or bowls.


With the ever-expanding applications of plastics, it is not
surprising that these synthetic that these synthetic products
have been used to replace glass for aquarium. Plastics have
advantage of being unbreakable, but are soft enough for the
surface to become scratched. This is in time will mar


This glass-like material is available in many different colors
and some very pleasing effects can be obtained by applying it to
the sides to back up the aquarium. Moreover, being opaque
Vitorlite will hide the wall and any unsightly wires or other
apparatus behind the aquarium.


Aquarium frameworks with wood are desirable mainly for
aesthetic reasons. The wooden framework however will have to be
constructed from plywood to prevent warping.

The advantage of the wood lies in the fact that it can be
polished, covered with upholstered rug, stained or coated with
colors to harmonize with the furnishing of the room.

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