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Training Dogs for

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How to Train your Dog with an Electronic Underground Dog Fence
By: Tippy & Turbo

Most electronic dog fences include instructions as to how to
use the system and help your dog learn its boundaries. Most
systems include a test light to make sure the buried
boundary wire is electrified and training flags so you will
know exactly where the boundary is located as you train your
dog. Many also have instructional videos to help you set the
electronic dog confinement system up and train your dog
about it.

Simply put, training your dog to respect the boundaries you
have set for it is a matter of burying the boundary wires,
setting up training flags and turning on the transmitter.
Then put the computerized collar onto your dog along with
its leash, and take the dog outside into the enclosed yard

Remember to set the transmitter level according to the
sensitivity of your individual dog. You want the dog to
associate the boundary with an uncomfortable experience but
you don't want to frighten the dog so it doesn't want to go
out into the yard again.

Walk the dog around the boundary, keeping about a foot
inside the boundary. Be sure to avoid leading the dog into
the warning zone, let it stray too close and find out on its
own where the line is. After a while the dog should figure
out that it is not a good idea to get too close to the
training flags.

Training usually takes around ten minutes per day for a
couple of weeks for an adult dog and maybe a little longer
for puppies. Don't start training your puppy with the
electronic dog fence until it is at least eight weeks old.
And remember that the dog should be learning to be wary of
the invisible fence on its own. The training should be a
positive learning experience, the dog shouldn't equate the
fence with discipline or punishment. Offer the dog
encouragement as it learns the behavior you want.

Once the dog has learned its boundaries and you have taken
the flags down, it is time to teach the dog that it can
leave the secured area only under certain circumstances and
on leash. Spend a few days establishing a routine for the
dog by walking it up to just before the fence and telling it
to sit. Put on the collar and leash that you use for walks
and take off the electronic collar. Then lead the dog across
the boundary with whatever command you have taught it for
following you.

When you come home, put the electronic receiver collar back
onto the dog and remove the walking collar and lead. Walk
out of the protected area without the dog, and if it follows
it will receive the electronic warning shock. In this way
your dog can learn that when it is wearing the receiver
collar it can only move around within the boundaries you
have set for it, so even if there might be a power failure
or a break in the system, it is likely that your dog won't
test the boundaries and be endangered.

Note: These underground electronic dog fences are not detectable
by visitors or any animal that isn't wearing a receiver
collar, so that is one consideration. The electronic dog
fence will keep your dog in the yard, but it won't stop
other dogs or people from crossing the invisible fence. So
if your dog is territorially aggressive or other dogs run
loose in your neighborhood, you should be sure to watch your
dog and your yard whenever the dog is outdoors in the
protected area.

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