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Advantages of an Underground Dog Fence

If you have a dog and a yard but you can't put up a fence
for some reason, or a regular yard fence won't keep your
escape artist dog in, you might check into an electronic
underground dog fence.

An underground dog fence has many advantages, including its
being out of sight and not changing the aesthetics of your
landscaping or taking up valuable yard space, and yet they
can confine most dogs as well as an aboveground fence can

These electronic dog containment systems work by an electric
wire that is buried around the perimeter of the area to
which you want your dog confined. The wire is connected to a
transmitter that emits a signal when the receiver comes
within a certain distance of the wire. The dog then wears a
special battery powered collar with a receiver attached. If
you have more than one dog, each dog will need its own
receiver collar.

How to Train your Dog with an Electronic Underground Dog Fence

When the dog nears the buried wire, the collar will give off
a warning beep or other sound. If the dog continues to
approach the perimeter of its area, the collar gives it a
safe electrical buzz similar to what you get when you walk
across a carpet and then touch a metal doorknob: surprising
but not really painful.

Nearly every dog will dislike the small shock and after a
few such experiences most will avoid the perimeter whether
they are wearing the receiver collar or not. Nevertheless,
check your underground dog fence and the receiver collar
regularly to make sure that nothing has failed.

There are a number of different brands of underground dog
fences from which to choose. You can protect just about any
sized area, with adjustments available in collar size, type,
level of shock, and the like, to suit the temperament and
size of your individual dog.

Even if your yard has a good wire fence that keeps your dog
confined you might want to use an underground dog fence to
protect sensitive flower beds, your vegetable garden, the
driveway, fish pond, children's play yard or the patio

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