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Some knowledge on

Hutch Burn & Scab

Nose in Pet Rabbits

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Pet rabbits kept in wooden hutches sometimes have
hutch burn. Hutch burn is a condition caused by exposure
to urine in a wet, unclean hutch.

Symptoms of Hutch Burn in Pet Rabbits

The irritated vent and genitals will be red, chapped looking,
and may have brownish crusts over the area.

Prevention & Treatment of Hutch Bun in Pet Rabbits

Proper sanitation, along with the application of a bland
ointment, like petroleum jelly, will hasten the recovery.
In some instances, a bacterial infection will follow the initial
irritation. In this case, systemic or topical treatment with an
antibiotic is recommended.

Sometimes the infection will spread to the nose. The same
type of lesions are found on the nose as on the vent, giving
the name "scab nose" to the condition.

When the infection spreads to the nose, there is usually a
bacterial invader, so systemic treatment with an antibiotic
is recommended.

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