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Symptoms & Treatment

for Impaction in

Pet Rabbits

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Impaction in pet rabbits is a condition most often due to
improper feeding, a condition which can be readily cured.

Feeding a diet lacking in roughages will predispose a
pet rabbit to the problem. Chewing on the wood in a
hutch, eating hair, or wool, will also cause impaction.

Symptoms of Impaction in Pet Rabbits

Extremely small, scanty, and/or hard droppings are often the
first sign of impaction. If not treated, the rabbit will be in
pain, lying kicking on it's side or stretching the hind legs out
as if feeling cramps.

Treatment for Impaction in Pet Rabbits

Mineral oil given three times daily will often help pass the
impacted fecal material or hair ball.

Occasionally an enema will bring relief, but this should be
tried as a last resort, as it can produce cramps and added
stress. For the novice rabbit owner, if the mineral oil does
not work within a reasonable amount of time, then
a veterinarian should be called.

Prevention lies in keeping the hutch in a sanitary condition,
feeding roughages like good quality hay, and in removing
hair or other objects which could be eaten from the hutch.
if the rabbit is chewing on the wood, remove to a wire cage.

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