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Would an Irish Terrier Dog be a Good Dog for Me?
By: Tippy & Alfred

The Irish Terrier breed was originally created primarily to
kill vermin, but today the Irish Terrier is a loyal guardian
of the home and family and is mainly used as a companion
dog. They will still hunt vermin and some of the Irish
Terriers talents include: hunting, guarding, military work,
police work, retrieving, tracking and watchdog.

An Irish Terrier can reach eighteen inches (forty-six
centimeters) in height and weigh between twenty-five to
twenty-seven pounds (eleven to twelve kilograms). These
measurements are based on healthy averages for this breed.
They have a life expectancy of between twelve and fifteen
years. This dog breed is very healthy and is free of most
major hereditary ailments.

The Irish Terrier does okay in an apartment provided it gets
enough exercise. If they have a small yard to play in this
would be best. When given enough exercise they are dignified
and well-mannered indoors. This is an active dog breed and
does better with a job to do and regular exercise.

The Irish Terrier needs a brisk, daily, long walk where you
make the dog heel and practice proper leash etiquette. If
you allow this dog to walk in front of you it may decide
that it is the leader and disobey your commands. It is
important with this dog that you remain the leader at all

The Irish Terrier has an easy to groom double coat that
rarely sheds. In order to remove dead hair use a fine tooth
comb and brush with a stiff bristle brush regularly. The
Irish Terrier is supposed to be hand-plucked and hand
stripped twice a year just like the Airedale. Dogs that you
intend to show need more grooming care than a family

The Irish Terrier is very affectionate and kind with humans.
They don't tend to do well with other animals, especially
small prey animals; the breed was created to kill vermin.
The Irish Terrier has a very strong protective instinct so
the dog should be socialized well from an early age.

They have been known to have a problem with housebreaking.
They also like to chase, dig and explore so if they are
outside they should be kept in a safe enclosed area or on a
leash. It is important that you are a calm, confident,
consistent, firm leader in your household or this
independent dog will become willful.

Irish Terrier Dog

Dr. Jane talks about the Irish Terrier's Special Care

The Irish Terrier is a well muscled, sturdy breed.
This "clown" requires toys, lots of play time,
and portion controlled feedings.

If his stomach is always full, he may be a tad
more mannerly, especially when the children are
home with him.

If supermarket food is fed, add a vegetable
enzyme to increase the amount of nutrition your
dog gets from the food.

Irish Terriers are colored golden red, red wheaten, or wheaten.
The dogs can become large and grow up to 8-19 in. with a
weight of 25-27 lb.

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