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Irish Water Spaniels

Hard Working,

Devoted and Smart

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Irish Water Spaniels - the Largest of the Spaniels
By: Tippy

The Irish Water Spaniel is a bold, confident, eager, easy
going, easy to train, gentle, intelligent, loving dog. They
are capable of learning a lot. When given enough mental and
physical exercise and paired with an owner that is a natural
leader you will find this to be a great dog.

The Irish Water Spaniel is a working dog that does well in
field and obedience trials. They are a devoted dog that
makes excellent guard dogs. In general they do fine with
other pets when they are properly introduced to them.

The Irish Water Spaniel is the largest of all Spaniels. The
chest is deep and somewhat narrow for free movement during
swimming. The hindquarters are as high as or even slightly
higher than the shoulders. The legs in front are straight
and well boned. The feet are webbed to assist any swimming
efforts. The Irish Water Spaniel has a largish head with an
arched skull. The muzzle is long, powerful and square. The
ears are long and covered with curls.

The Irish Water Spaniel is solid brown in color, leaning to
purplish. They have a crisp textured curly coat. Both face
and tail have hair that is short in comparison with the long
curls on its body. The curly coat is lined with a dense
undercoat which is used to insulate the dog in cold water.
The topknot on the head hangs down and covers the eyes and
is used for protection.

Origins of the Irish Water Spaniel are unclear and there are
several theories about where they have actually come from.
One theory is that they are descended from the Curly-Coated
and the Poodle in early Ireland. In fact they look
a lot like the Standard brown Poodle.

The dog has a good reputation in England and Ireland for
retrieving in frigid waters with great daring. It is also
used on upland game and is a very soft-mouthed retriever.
The breed became popular with duck hunters in the USA in the
eighteen hundreds, that is, until the easier to care for
Labrador Retriever came onto the scene.

Now the Irish Water Spaniel is a rare breed that is
classified as a retriever by the AKC. They are allowed to
participate in ACK field sports. The Irish Water Spaniel is
a strong retriever in any weather and is a gentle family dog
as well. They make great family pets.

Irish Water Spaniel

How to Provide all the Nutrients needed by
your Irish Water Spaniel

By: Dr. Bicks

The tallest of the spaniels, the Irish Water Spaniel
has nutritional requirements and special needs which
are very similar to the American and Irish spaniels.

Daily antioxidants and an additional vitamin E supplement,
combined with a good quality food should remedy oil problems.

Personally I would Only feed an
Irish Water Spaniel these Treats and Dog Food

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