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Your Poodle can Live a Longer, Healthier Life - Here's How!
Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

Toy, miniature, or standard, Poodles are intelligent,
lovable, low maintenance pets that are very popular.

Eye protection consists of daily cleaning with
eyebright solution and the addition of antioxidants
to the food or as a treat.

Standard Poodles need bone protection with alfalfa
added to their food and an owner who keeps them thin.

Veggies should be the treat of choice when you're
not giving spirulina or brewer's yeast and garlic
for additional skin and coat care.

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Healthy Treats for Poodles

Toy Poodle

Poodles - Highly Intelligent, Sensitive Dogs
By: Tippy & Alfred

The Standard Poodle is a cheerful, enjoyable, good-natured,
graceful, highly intelligent, noble and proud dog. They are
among the most trainable dog breeds. Some can even still be
trained to hunt. The Standard Poodle in general is more
sedate and calmer than the smaller varieties of Poodle.
However, if they aren't given enough exercise they can
become high strung.

The Standard Poodle is very sensitive to the tone of a
person's voice and will sense if the owner has a weak will
and respond accordingly. Owners of the Standard Poodle need
to have a calm, authoritative manner at all times.

This is a dog that likes to be with its family at all times.
They are not happy alone in a kennel outdoors. In general
they are excellent with children and friendly with
strangers. They are also good with other dogs. Some Standard
Poodles make good guard dogs. Some of the Poodle's talents
include: agility, competitive obedience, performing tricks,
retrieving and watchdog.

There are three official sizes of Poodle: the Toy, the
Miniature and the Standard. They are judged differently in
the show ring but they are all considered to be the same
breed. There are different standards and size requirements
for each size. The three poodle sizes are based on height by
the AKC, but not on weight. Some Poodle breeders also breed
another size that is called Klein Poodle or Moyen Poodle and
is smaller than a Tea-Cup Poodle.

The Standard Poodle can reach fifteen or more inches in
height and the male dog can weigh between forty-five and
seventy pounds, while the female should weigh between forty-
five and sixty pounds. They live on average twelve to
fifteen years or more.

In general the poodle is a long-lived breed, though they are
susceptible to several genetic diseases. They have been
known to have cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy that
can cause blindness, and runny eyes. Allergies and skin
conditions are also common problems that can be caused by
unskilled groomers or chemicals. Ear infections and Hip
are also problems for which to watch. They are
also susceptible to Von Willebrand's Disease which is like
human Hemophilia. The Standard Poodle is also susceptible to
bloat and should be fed two to three small meals a day to
avoid this. Poodles that have coats that are brown in color
often go prematurely gray.

The Standard Poodle will do fine in apartment setting
provided it is given enough exercise throughout the day. A
small yard to play in is a good idea. Standard Poodles tend
to be inactive indoors. The Standard Poodle loves water and
to go for walks. They are not demanding dog but they do need
a long daily walk to take care of the physical and
psychological needs. They also enjoy running and playing off
the lead in a large, safe, securely fenced area. The
Standard Poodle has great stamina and maintains their
sporting instincts, and needs more activity than the smaller
Miniature or Toy.

The Standard Poodle needs extensive grooming if the dog is
going to be shown. They need regular baths and they need to
be clipped every six to eight weeks. Since this dog sheds
little to no fur the coat needs to be clipped regularly.
There are several cuts that a Poodle can get including the
lamb clip, pet clip and puppy clip. For showing popular
clips include the continental clip and the English saddle clip.

The ears need to be checked and cleaned frequently for mites
and wax. Be sure to pull out any hairs that are growing
inside the ear canal. The teeth should be scaled regularly
as well.

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