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Ragtime the little

Miniature Horse with

Big Plans for Stardom

Peppy Pets
January 03, 2003

The Little Horse With Big Plans

The Adventures of Ragtime....

Meet the Blue Family. John and Sarah, and their
kids, who reside at their ranch with their two pets,
Ragtime, a miniature horse, and Taylor, their dog.

But Ragtime is no ordinary pet! He is a special horse who
can perform lots of tricks. Live on the news, the locals watch
Ragtime do tricks much to the delight of an on looking crowd.

In their run-down trailer, Lester and Sam see Ragtime on
television. Since Lester and Sam are down on their luck,
the idea of horse-napping Ragtime for ransom hits Lester,
and they speed over to the fairgrounds to steal their ticket
to wealth. While the family and the police hunt
for the missing pet, Ragtime leads the horse-nappers
through many antics.

Weight: 175 Lbs.
Height: 29 1/2"
Eyes: Blackish Brown
Hair: Black/White Dapple Pinto with White
Mane and Tail

Ragtime, an American Miniature Horse, just happens to
be one of our readers!

And....Ragtime is quite famous in his own right.

He is now a 17 year old stallion, who is a grey and white pinto.

Years ago his owners fought their city in Thousand Oaks,
Cal. and the Homeowners Association to keep Ragtime as a pet.
The city said that he was livestock, rather than a
household pet.

The news about this case went international! He has since made
a movie and many appearances on both televison as well as
articles in newspapers and magazines. Ragtime's owner
successfully proved that miniatures are indeed equine, but differ
in many ways than their large ancestors. They won their
case in both Municipal, and Superior Courts.

Ragtime and owner enjoy lots of charity events, both
as a loving pet, and also as a celebrity.
Ragtime is a very special pet, his owner says about him,
"to know him is to love him."

Here are a couple of web pages with pictures of Ragtime you will enjoy

Ragtime played the starring role in his own feature film,
The Adventures of Ragtime

He has also appeared on such Television programs such as:
Lifestyles (of the Rich & Famous), Good Morning Amercia,
Hollywood Squares, The Today Show, Lassie, Totally Animals,
and CBS News with Dan Rather.

Ragtime has been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers,
both domestic and international and appeared on many radio


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Hi, just wanted to share a story with your readers of an
unpleasant experience. My friend / neighbor was driving on
the road to get dinner, she found a box in the middle of the
road. Something told her to stop and look, so she did.

There were 3 little kittens waiting for a quick death (this
road is occupied by big semi-trucks for hauling dirt
etc. to a new nearby community). She picked them up not
knowing what she would encounter next. She never owned or
handled a cat. Myself, only had 1 cat that died few years
ago and still grieving. Well I took 1 kitten... poor thing,
they were in such horrible shape! Covered with fleas,
asphalt, gas/oil etc...

Unknowingly, she took the 2 kittens to the nearby animal
shelter and was told she would have to pay $60.00 and there
are no guarantees that they will be alive after 6 days since
they euthanize if not adopted after 6 days. My friend was
also disturbed at the unsanitary conditions of the shelter
and the sad animals that was there. She left quickly with
the kittens. She found the spca that was lot more cleaner,
animals in better shape and they were nice enough to take
the kittens with a guarantee of no euthanazing!

As for me, spent $160 + (money i didn't have, but worth
every penny spent) at the vet and he is now a part of our
family! Just wanted to let the readers know: support the
spca and help change the animal shelter's way of thinking!

Thanx, Mrs. C.H.


How does one say good-bye,
to someone as special as She?
Even though she was just a dog,
She meant so much more to me.

Kasey was my little girl,
She knew this to be true.
How I was lucky enough to have her,
I hardly have a clue.

She wasn't here long enough,
but touched so many lives.
Her little heart was filled with love,
But now it's time for our good-byes.

To know her, for this short time,
would always make my heart sing.
I never imagined, what great joy,
a little dog could bring.

For now my heart is breaking,
I pray, it will heal with time.
But the passing of her beautiful soul,
took a piece of mine,

No longer in my footsteps,
I miss her dear, sweet face.
Wherever you are my little girl,
I know you're saving me a place.

So, I'll have to wait, till that special time,
when I see Kasey-Jo again.
I can hardly wait to hold you close,
my sweet, little, forever friend.

Karen Anne Francis

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