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Peppy Pets
Jan. 13, / 03

Spaz Catches the Mice for my Maine Coon Cat, Jasper
Sandra Mathis

Hi, I have one year old cat named Jasper. Some friends found
him and plus three of his sister and brothers. Their mother
died and they were all homeless. He was only two weeks old
when I took him in. Jasper is a Main Coon. They have such a
different personality. He is my best friend and helped me
a lot at the time.

When I got Jasper, I was told I have a disease and will never
be able to work again. I am always in lots of pain and walk
with a cane.

I was very depressed and thought that my life was worthless
until I got Jasper. I knew I had to feed him every two hours
from a bottle and take care of him like a mommy takes care
her baby. I tried to teach Jasper everything a cat should
know. Jasper always thought me as his real mommy too. He
always wore a collar with a bell and his name and phone
number on it. He was never good at catching mice, birds, etc
because of his bell, I guess.

He had a friend next door name Spaz. Every time Spaz caught a
mouse, Jasper would get it and bring it to me like he gave
me a present and got it himself. Before I moved to my mom's,
Jasper had lots of people friends. He would set at their
apartment door and wait until they came home to play. He
would sometimes go out front and lay on the sidewalk waiting
for his friends to come home so he can have a petting. He
love to go to the laundry room and help them do their laundry
too. Jasper was the apartment's pet. They sure do miss him
too since I moved to my mom's.

I live with my mother now as need help due to my disease. My
mom has a small dog which they get along real good together.
Cami (dog) won't eat dinner or go to bed at night until
Jasper is there with her.

Jasper is a very quite cat. When he comes in the house and I
am not paying attention to him, he would meow one time to say
"Hey I am here, time for me now" or when he is out of dry
food, etc then he would meow two times and that is when
things are real bad and I need to fix it fast. There is so
much to write about Jasper. All I can say is that Jasper is
my best friend and it would be hard to live without him. He
saved my life.


Oh yes. Many times a day. Can you love your dog too much?
Penny, my miniature Sheltie, has been in my life for 7 yrs.
She is an angel, and gives me much more than I give her.
She hugs me and stays with me all the time when I am home.
Even if I thought for one minute that she didn't understand
the words, I know what they are and what she means to me.

Thank you for asking.
Lindy Smith

I have horses, dogs and cats. They are all a blessing from
God and I tell ALL my critters that I love them and kiss
them all.

Julie Taylor


Miles our Self Appointed Guardian Angel
Melissa Heath

We have 6 cats and one puppy now, but in response to a
couple of notes I read from others mourning their pets, i am
writing about Miles, who was "top cat" and who died last
fall. He was self-appointed guardian of my daughter, her
constant companion and confidante, which to a teenager is
really something. When the world would seem against her (as
it does sometimes when you are a teenager), he was always
there for her. He literally used to watch over her as she

He was a white short-hair we had gotten from the humane
society. He almost died from a mysterious virus when he was
a kitten -- he survived, but he lost his voice, so he had a
silent meow, managing a squeek when he was really excited or
upset. But his lack of voice did not keep him from keeping
the other cats in line and being the boss. He had grown to
be a huge, strong cat, and when he suddenly was obviously
not feeling well, we were stunned to find out that his heart
was failing. He died less than a week after the diagnosis,
at only 12 years old. Perhaps his heart had also been
weakened by the virus that took his voice. But our hearts
were so saddened by his sudden death.

About a week after Miles died, my daughter announced that he
had gone. She had felt his presence, she said, even though
he had died, still watching over her for a little while
longer. I had thought it was odd that she didnt want to go
out to the place we buried him, but she said it was because
he wasn't there, he was still in the house. Knowing how
devoted he was to her, i have no doubt that this was true,
and that when he finally decided it was time to go, she
could feel him leave her. He was a very special cat, and a
gentle and protective soul. A true guardian angel.

Cookie One Very Special German Shepherd
Sherrill Stidham

Cookie was born under our house, when I was one and my
sister was two. Her mom was a stray. We were able to give
all the dogs away, except Cookie. When we did find an
interested party, she wouldn't go with them.

She turned out to be an excellent babysitter and watchdog.
She guarded us from strangers and other animals and our
country store at night.

She roamed the neighborhood with us. We would try to sneak
away without her, but it wasn't going to happen!!

When my sister was 16, she was killed. Shortly after that we
moved. Cookie was 15 by then. She was feeble and stove up.
We decided it was best to have her put to sleep. She
couldn't have relocated. That was really hard, after losing
my sister, too. Cookie was that one really special dog a
person is privileged to have in a lifetime.

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