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Taking care of

your pets

during Cold Weather

Peppy Pets
January 14, 2003

Cold Weather Pet Care

Tippy & Alfred know that Old Man Winter can have some
harsh effects on your precious pet. They have a Free report
containing some great tips. This from the University of Tennessee
College of Veterinary Medicine on caring for your pet in
cold weather.

You can also find out about what holiday treats NOT to
give your pet; info on cold weather traveling; what you
need to know about decorations & your pet; and what
you need to know about carbon monoxide and kerosene heaters.

To get your Free report on cold weather pet care,

Go Here

Your furry friends,
Tippy & Alfred


Happy & Healthy Pets

Did you know Tippy & Alfred publish another pet newsletter?

It's called Happy & Healthy Pets and is sent out only 3
times a month. If you like the info and stories found in
The Peppy Pets Daily, you will really like Happy & Healthy Pets.

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Your furry friends, Tippy & Alfred

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My Hero Deebo
Melissa Tressler

This story is not a very happy one, but it shows the true
love and bond a dog and his owner can have. I was going
through a terrible break-up in my life and was not taking it
well. I went into a depression that lasted for weeks. I
couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, I didn't go to work, all I
could do was lay in my bed. I would feed and water my Great
Dane Deebo, and let him out but that was the extent of what
I could do. This dog never left my side for a minute. He
laid with me, day and night and watched over me, as if he
knew that their was a big problem and he needed to be close.

Well it got to a point where i couldn't take the pain of
living anymore and I took a large overdose of pills. I
kissed my Deebo goodbye and left a note for my parents to
take good care of him (they loved him and I knew they would)
As the pills started to take effect, Deebo began to get very
agitated, he laid on my chest, something he has never done,
and he started to scratch at my face every time I started to
fade out. During the midst of this a knock came at the
door, which I had locked so no one could get in. Deebo
barked and howled and scratched, I was told, at the door, he
tore the curtains down, he acted so strangely that my mother
knew something was not right, as he is a very well-behaved
dog and would never destroy anything. When she got in the
house he grabbed her by the arm and led her to my room,
where she found me, and immediately called 911 for

Well I am fine now (not looking for sympathy) but I owe my
life to my beautiful, intelligent, and soooo loving dog
Deebo. He knew how much I loved and love him and always took
good care of him and I think this was his way of paying me
back. He is now 51/2yrs old and I thank God in heaven
everyday that he blessed me with this wonderfully
intelligent and loving animal. I hope I can repay him
someday for saving my life. He is a Hero, to me and my
family . Thanx for letting me share this story, no one can
tell me Dogs don't Love, Cause Mine Sure Loves Me!!!

Tami Wilkinson

I just wanted to let people know about a flea treatment I
learned about down south. Fleas hate Brewer's yeast. It
won't kill them, but if you take an infected pet outside and
coat them with it, the fleas will jump off. The pet will
then clean themselves and get lots of vitamins, to help
them get over the ill effects of having their blood sucked.
This is especially great for kittens, puppies or any sick
animals as it is natural. Just look for powered Brewer's
yeast in any health food store. No need for harsh chemicals
on the pets themselves. Now, your house, good luck.


This is in response to Norma with the 5 month old kitten who
sucks her earlobe.

Dweezy did this with my mom & I until he was 5 or 6 years
old. He's a big boy at 14 now. I think it's just a need for
a little extra lovin' and maybe some lacking confidence. He
also liked to do the inside of my arm the same way.

It drove me nutty sometimes, but, he's my baby boy and I just
think of it as some very special bonding time we shared.
His favorite thing to do now is to wake me up when I visit
him at "grandma's house" with a big head butt. Must be that
I'm a Big Boy thing :)

Also, my roommate & I have 3 doggies and they love veggies
too. Jake's fav is tomatoes (he's sad summer is over),
Elwood loves frozen lima beans and peas. Callie just loves
everything her brothers eat. The raw baby carrots are also
a big hit.

Anyway, curious to see what others say about the earlobe

St. Louis

Maggie my Toy Poodle
Dian Wilkerson

During my lunch hour in 1984 I made a down payment on a tiny
little black toy poodle. I Rushed back to the office and
called my friend to tell her the good news. I was supposed
to pick her up on Christmas Eve, the time she would turn 6
weeks old. When I went to pick her up, the lady brought her
out with a ceramic Christmas tag hanging around her neck
with the words “Merry Christmas from Linda and Charlie”.
Linda and I crafted ceramics together and she had paid the
balance on my little dog.

I named this precious little “angel” puppy “Maggie”. Later,
I discovered that she had a little white heart on her chest
where her tags hung and called her my love child. She
became my best friend and the love of my life. We walked
through life together until May of this year when she was 18
˝ years old. She began to shows signs that she could
possibly be dying and none of my supplement treatments would
help her.

So, while crying my heart out, I called my sister who came
right away. We drove to the local animal shelter in my
town, which was at the police department. I had talked with
them earlier and they said they could put her down for free
for me. When we got there, two policemen talked with us and
one of them told us that the only way he could put her down
was to shoot her. My sister told them that we would go to
her vet instead. One of the policemen seemed very
compassionate and expressed his sympathy for my loss.

As we drove down the road to the vet’s office, the kinder
policeman pulled up behind us and asked if we would stop.
He asked my sister to come back to the patrol car and talk
with him. She wondered if she had done anything wrong.
However, the policeman told her that he had to have several
of his pets put down and he always brought them home and
buried them. He said for me to call him after the vet put
her down and he would come to my house and dig the hole and
bury her in my yard in our hot humid weather.

So you see, God sent me four beautiful angels with one on
loan. The 1st one was Linda, my friend, the 2nd one was my
sister who graciously gave to me, and the 3rd angel was my
beloved little companion "Maggie" and the 4th was the "big
ole teddy bear" policeman who worked so hard in the heat to
bury her for me. I miss her SO MUCH!

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