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Treating Frostbite

and Hypothermia

in Dogs and Cats

Peppy Pets
Jan. 23 / 10

Dealing with Frostbite & Hypothermia in an Animal
By: Tippy & Alfred

Frostbite and hypothermia go hand in hand. Usually
when a dog, cat, horse or other animal get frostbite,
some degree of hypothermia is present.

What happens is the animal is left out in the cold
too long. Their body temperature begins to drop,
and blood flow is significantly lessened to parts
of the body which are not vital. In severe cases
the blood will flow mostly to the most vital organs.

Because the blood is not flowing normally to the
skin, the cold weather will cause the freezing of
small blood vessels near the top of the skin
which in turn causes the blood to clot which means
even less blood flowing and eventually the affected
area will die.

Commonly parts of the animal like: ear tips, foot pads,
and tails are the first parts of the dog or cat to
get frostbite.

Frostbite is recognized by pale or reddened skin and
white colored hair.

Hypothermia in dogs and cats is recognized by
excessive shivering, shallow breathing, is uncoordinated
and disoriented.

Both conditions require Immediate Vet Attention!

You can begin treatment for frostbite and hypothermia
in your dog and cat at home by wrapping the animal
in a blanket and having them stand ankle deep in warm
(not hot) water. You can pre-heat towels in a clothes
dryer, but remember when they come out of the dryer they
are 150 degrees, so let them cool a bit first.

Dogs and cats are able to survive full time outdoors
in the winter without getting frostbite or hypothermia
if they are kept outside all the time and if they
have a place to get in out of the weather.

Indoor dogs and cats are the ones most likely to
get frostbite and hypothermia by leaving them out
too long in bitter temperatures when they are used
to being inside in the warmth.


My Pet Turle named Angel

My baby turtle, Angel was likes to eat a lot, so her
nickname is "Fat Angel". She lives with her baby sister,
Bebe and my other turtle, Cosmo. We put a little tree for
Bebe that she loves to climb and sit up in the branches.
Angel was stomping around as usual. She noticed that the
little tree was in her way. She Tried to climb over it, but
she was to heavy, so it flung her back. It was funny - and
she didn't injure herself. She actually got back up and
tried it again. She sure lives up to the saying, "If at
first you don't succeed, try, try again." Even for a turtle!

Zonza, Baby, Tommy, Cody - My Babies

I have four cats they were all stray Zonza was in the street
after she had here kittens we found them a home and we took
her in the house, she is still afraid she doesn't trust
anyone, she is black and white, but she is very quiet.

Baby used to come on the roof once she came and she was
hurt, after we cured her she also came in the house but on
the contrary to Zonza she is rather a softy.

Tommy was very small when my nephew gave him to me I had to
feed him myself he is quiet a big cat, very nice silky coat
but very naughty

Than there is Cody my sister got him from a garden his eyes
were still closed so I had to feed him I still am because he
is still 3 weeks old, he is silver grey with blue eyes.

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