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Peppy Pets
Jan. 24 / 03

Baby, Patches, Sara, Duke, & Mr. Blackwell &
the Mystery of the Hair band Caper

By: Linda Lewis

Your story about the lost toys put me in mind of our first
house and our older tom cat, Patches, and his toys.

Patches had discovered what fun my hair bands were to throw
about and chase. I knew I was loosing them as fast as I
could buy them! We set a trap to find out what was
happening with them. My husband set up the camera and we
went to bed. Patches crept up to the hair band basket and
choose a blue one about 2:00 in the morning.

We watched the film and saw for the first time, this very
reserved and stately cat play like a kitten again. When we
started to look for the hair band to let him know it was okay
to play with it, we couldn't find it anywhere.

Several months went by and we had forgotten about the lost
hair bands because he had moved on to scrunchies by then. We
were moving the old dryer out for the new one to go in
easily and guess who was pacing and troubled about the
activity. You guessed it, Patches. We found his hiding
place for his hair bands, under the dryer and the washer. We
gave him back all the bands but started to close both doors
to the laundry room when not in use. He found it great fun
to play with them in my sewing room and closet after that.
Do you know what it's like to be sewing a seam and realize
at the last minute you have a hair band caught on the pins?
Or your foot feed is clogged with them making it not work?

Patches is now 12 years old and has given up his hair bands
for the more traditional catnip toys, but that first year of
our marriage was a great mystery because of him. The
mystery of the hair band caper....


One of our readers, Dan sent this in to us this week.
Check it out, sounds like a pretty good thing.

Lost Pets returned via toll free phone number and unique ID tag.
"Pet Buddy" by "Buddy Tags".


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My mom and step dad got Shayna as a puppy. They treated this
dog like a human. She had pork chops, chicken and the
fanciest food ever. Last year my step dad died. My mom moved
to Oregon to live with my brother. At my step dad's funeral
as the Rabbi was saying a prayer and they were putting him
in the wall, Shayna let go of the leash and went over to the
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to say there wasn't a dry eye around.

I took Shayna back to AZ. with me to live. She got along
well with my 2 cats. She turned 13 last Nov. 1. In August
she stopped eating and I took her to the doctors. She had
heart failure and the doctor said she didn't have long to
live. As they were putting her to sleep she turned her head
so I couldn't see her. After I got home the cats were
looking all over for her. One thing she left is whenever I
would get out of the shower she would lick my feet dry. Now
my 3 year old cat Samantha does it every day.

Lori-Ann Black

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