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What Jewish Law

says on the killing

of unwanted Animals


Should Animals that are unwanted be killed according
to our Jewish Faith?

Here's a very interesting question for those of the
Jewish faith. Is it okay to kill dogs or cats that
are unwanted? The answer is provided by a Jewish
Rabbi, and a very good answer it is.

My Confirmation Class students recently volunteered at a local
animal shelter where, after a certain amount of time, animals that
are not adopted are killed. Under Jewish law, is it appropriate
for a shelter to kill unwanted pets?

Thanks for writing with a very interesting question. I'm going to
answer in short answers and feel free to question any one of them.

1. The law of the land is final, and if it is the law or a policy within
the land, it must be respected even if it goes against our sensitivities.

2. An alternative is also to work very hard to either raise funds such
that the animals can be kept alive longer or work to have them adopted.

3. Work VERY hard to neuter animals such that unwanted animals
are not brought into this world only to cause the pain of seeing
them destroyed.

Best Wishes,

Rabbi Barry Dov Lerner
Foundation for Family Education (FFFE)

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