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What does it

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Horse Racing Jockeys

Jockeys are free-agents and are hired on a race-by-race basis.
They are not allowed to own horses they ride. They are paid by
the horse's owner for each race they ride. If they win a race,
they are also entitled to a percentage of the purse money
(usually 10 percent).

What Do Jockeys Do?

Jockeys often help exercise and train horses in the mornings, as
well as ride them in the actual races.

Often a jockey will consistently ride one trainer's horses with
success. A smart handicapper looks for these pairings as they can
be a good way to find a winner.

The jockey's whip or "stick" is a communication tool with many
uses. Its primary purpose is to encourage the horse to give his
best. It is also used to tell the horse when to accelerate and to
keep the horse running in a straight line.

The stick is designed so it doesn't hurt the horse. It is made of
leather and is flexible.

In addition, track stewards carefully watch the race to see if a
jockey is using a stick excessively.

In many instances the stick never touches the horse. Just seeing
the stick or feeling a gentle nudge helps a horse keep his mind
on racing.

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