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John Deere 320

Tractors a little

better than the M

John Deere 320 Standard, Utility & Southern Special

Model 320 1956 to 1958

The John Deere 320 Standard was patterned after the M and the
320 Utility after the MI. A third version of the 320 was built
called the Southern Special and was a variation of the Standard.

The 320's were built in two distinct phases. Phase 1 had a vertical steering
wheel while Phase 2 had a slanted steering wheel. 2,566 Phase 1 tractors
were built and 518 Phase 2.

The 320 engine was basically the same as the Model M. It had a bore and
stroke of 4 x 4 inches, 100.5 cid, 1650 rpm, 22.4 drawbar and 24.9 belt horsepower.

1956 John Deere 320 Tractor

John Deere Model 320 Tractor Trivia

The 320 was built at Dubuque.
It was never tested at Nebraska.

The 20 series had the same basic sheet metal of the tractors they replaced,
however they sported a new, flashy paint job with bold yellow on the
sides of the grill and hood.

Only a few 320's were built with an all fuel engine, the rest were gasoline.

The 320 Southern Special was not a separate model, but a variation of the
320 S. It was specialized for farmers in Louisiana and Texas needing a
higher clearance tractor for certain vegetable crops. It is believed that only
60 to 70 of the Southern Specials were ever made.

The original 320 had the same crankshaft and rods as the Model M.
Early in production it was replaced with the 420 crank and rods.

There were no 320 Industrial tractors built, however some 320's were
ordered for industrial use with yellow paint, other colors like highway
orange were available for custom paint jobs.

Shipping weight for the 320 S was 2650.
Cost of a new 320 S in 1958 was $1805.

In late 1955 Deere formed the Industrial Division. Later in 1967 an Industrial
marketing organization was formed with Industrial dealerships and an
Industrial Engineering department.

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