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The John Deere M

one mighty Handy

Dandy little Tractor

1947 saw two major advances for John Deere, the John Deere Model
M Tractor and a brand new factory to build it in.

By early 1936 the board at Deere saw the need for and authorized
experiments to begin on a small tractor capable of replacing a team
of horses, and to have a price that small farmers could afford.

The result of Deere's hard work was the Model Y, which turned into
the Model 62, which turned into the L and LA tractors.

Henry Ford's introduction of his 9N was priced at $585 and literally
sold like hotcakes...over 10,000 Ford 9N's were sold in the first 6
months of production.

With that incentive to boost Deere's place in the small tractor market,
experiments continued. Work during 1942 and 43 produced a Model 69.
After much testing and refining, the 69 turned into the John Deere
Model M Tractor.

1952 John Deere M

Model M 1947 to 1952
Model MT 1949 to 1952
Model MC 1949 to 1952

Management at Deere believed that expansion was necessary in order to
stay competitive and hopefully to gain market share on Ford and

In January 1945 the board approved purchase of 730 acres of land near
Dubuque Iowa. Construction of the new factory began immediately.

The first Model M tractor, serial # 10001 was completed on March 12,
1947, the M's began showing up at dealers in April.

The MT was basically the same tractor as the M, only it could come
with an adjustable wide front, dual tricycle front, or single front
wheel. It replaced the John Deere Model H Tractor.

Touch O Matic hydraulic control was also an option on the MT.

Varieties of the M include:
Model M
Model MT
Model MC
Model MI

John Deere MC advertisement

The first Model MC was built on March 3, 1949 at John Deere Yakima

In 1954 the Yakima plant closed and production of the MC was moved
to the Dubuque Tractor Works, Dubuque Iowa.

The MC track design was by Lindeman Power Equipment Company,
Yakima Washington. In 1946 Deere purchased Lindeman. The first
totally John Deere crawler was the MC.

The MC had 4 forward speeds, weighed 3,875 pounds
A new 1947 Model M cost $1,025.

The original Model M was rated at 14.39 drawbar and 18.21 belt
horsepower. It was available with either gasoline or all fuel engine.
The MT was 14.08 and 18.33.
The MC was 13.7 and 18.89.

Only 1032 Model MI's were ever sold.

In the 5 1/2 years of production some 88,000 M's and varieties were

Did you ever see or know that there was a John Deere two cylinder tractor
that came from the factory with an all Orange paint job?

IN 1947 the Iowa State Highway Department ordered 25 Model M Tractors,
all with gasoline engines, and all painted Highway Orange.

A Model MO (orchard) tractor was tested and at least one built, but no
production for sales ever occurred.

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