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The John Deere

General Purpose

530 Tractors

The 530 much improved operator comfort & convenience.

Model 530 modern power for medium or large acreage
row crop farms. Built from 1958 with beginning serial # 5300000
to 1960 with ending serial # 5309814 which was a gasoline 530
manufactured on September 27, 1960.

Just like it's earlier brother the 520, the Model 530 was made in only
one style, the general purpose tractor, and it also offered a choice
of front ends, tricycle, single and wide front. Like the 520, three
engines were available: gasoline, all fuel and LP Gas.

The 530 was in almost every way mechanically the same tractor as the
520, except the 530 had improvements in the camshaft lubrication and
piston rings, along with a new noise reducing muffler.

Cosmetically the 530 was a much different machine than the 520 with
dramatically improved sheet metal, a larger amount of yellow paint,
new fenders with dual headlights, push button starting, an enclosed
steering shaft and slanted steering wheel.

The engine on the 530 was a two cylinder with bore and stroke of
4 11/16 x 5 1/2 inches, 1325 rpm 34.31 drawbar and 38.58 belt horsepower.

The first 530 built was serial #5300000
the last tractor built was serial #5309814

John Deere 530 with 14 T Baler & Ejector

The 30 Series of tractors were originally scheduled to be called the 50

However because the 30 series were basically the same mechanically
as the 20 series, the decision on June 10, 1958 was made to go
with the 30 rather than 50 designations.

There were only 85 all fuel 530's ever built. All fuel tractors have
two fuel tanks. The tractor was started on gasoline, then switched over
to all fuel.

417 LP Gas Model 530's were built, and 83 all fuels, of which 30 all fuels
were exported. A total of 9,765, Model 530's were built of all variations.

The horsepower and weight of the 530 and 520 were just about equal to
the late Model A.

Shipping weight was 4960 pounds.
A new 530 with gasoline engine cost $2463.00.

530's were sold by the Industrial Division with all yellow paint as an
option, but there was no official 530 I tractor.

When tested at Nebraska the 520 set a new fuel economy record for
a gasoline engine.

All 30 series tractors sent to Canada had Made in U.S.A. stenciled on them.

There's nothing like being on the seat of a John Deere 2 Cylinder

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