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Work with lower

costs & greater speed

with the John Deere 630

The 630 Tractor had the same horsepower as the 620 but
with a huge increase in operator comfort and ease of operation.

Model 630   manufactured from 1958 to 1960

The John Deere Model 630 was advertised as a full 4 plow tractor
with the power to handle heavy loads continuously at speeds
that would cut days off a farmer's work calendar.

It had a bore and stroke of 5 1/2 x 6 3/8 inches, 321 cid, 1125 rpm,
44.16 drawbar  and 48.68 belt horsepower.

Variations of the 630 Tractor include:

630 general purpose
630 S
630 H

All models were available with either gasoline, all fuel or LP Gas engines.
Front end options were dual narrow, dual Roll O Matic, wide front,
or single wheel.

1000 rpm PTO was an option on all 520, 630, and 730 tractors.

John Deere Model 630 Tractor pulling a No 30 Deere Combine

No 630 Orchard tractor was ever produced. The 620 Orchard remained in
production until February 1960.

Price for a brand new 1958 gas 630 was $3,300.
Weight was 5657 pounds

A total of 18,060 Model 630 Tractors and variations of it were built.

202 were all fuel and 1918 were LP Gas.
17,224 were General Purpose,
735 were Standards, and
16 were Hi Crops.

There were 2 all fuel Hi Crops built and 3 LP Gas Hi Crops.

Cutaway view of the PTO power train on 530, 630 & 730 Tractors

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