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More Tractors sold than

any other - John Deere

Model B

The John Deere Model B tractor has the distinction of being
the best selling two cylinder John Deere Tractor ever produced
with well over 306,000 tractors sold.

Larger farmers of the time wanted a small tractor to do light
work at a small cost, smaller farmers wanted a small tractor
to replace their horses.

The John Deere model B Tractor the perfect
size for most farmers. Manufactured from 1935 to 1952

Pre-production 1933 Model HX (B)
Pre-production model B tractors were given the HX designation.
This was one of the first experimental B's built

One year after the Model A was introduced, in 1935 Deere came out
with basically a 2/3'rds scale model of the A....The John Deere
Model B.

Farmers were still in need of a lighter, more agile tractor for
smaller jobs and the Models A & G had a bit too much power
for many farmers.

The Model B was advertised as a one bottom plow tractor giving the
daily work output of 6 to 8 horses. The Model B had 4 forward speeds.

John Deere HX & Farmall F-12

Model B Styling Changes

Over the years the Model B went through many design and style changes.

Unstyled General Purpose from 1935 to 1938.

Styled General Purpose from 1939 to 1946

Late Styled General Purpose from 1947 to 1952

Unstyled Standard Tread from 1935 to 1947

Our 1938 Model B serving duty as a Christmas Decoration

Variations of the B include:

B - Early with 4 bolt pedestal
B - Garden Tractor (4 bolt BN)
B - Unstyled - includes B, BN, BW, BW-40, BNH, BWH, BWH-40
B - Styled - includes B, BN, BW, BNH, BWH, BWH-40
B - Late Styled - includes B, BN, BW
Lindeman BO Crawler, also BR, BI Crawlers

John Deere Model B

Model BN         Model BW

Garden Tractor was the designation for a B with a single front wheel.
It was intended mostly for vegetable growers. The original Garden
Tractor B's had a 4 bolt pedestal. When the 8 bolt pedestal was
adopted, the Garden Tractor changed to Model BN. Only 24 Garden
Tractors were ever built.

Only 6 Model BW-40's were ever built. These BW tractors had
a 40 inch tread, adjustable up to 72 inches (rear) the front was
adjustable up to 52. All 6 tractors were shipped to San Francisco.

In 1937 the high clearance Model BNH was introduced for tall
vegetable crops. Early in 1938 it was followed by the BWH.
Among these were an 66 unstyled BNH, 51 BWH and 12 BWH-40
tractors were built.

At serial number 42200 the unstyled B's became 5 inches longer to
accommodate mounting cultivators and improve weight distribution.

Styled B's with pressed steel frame went into production in mid 1938
as 1939 models.

Late styled B's were made from 1947 to 1952.

Model designation decals were put on the front grilles on late styled
tractors for the A & B. Up to 1935 they had been on the rear of the
gas tank, then they were on the seat support.

The price for a new BR in 1940 was $715.
The price for a new John Deere Model B in 1952 was $2,068.

The original Model B was rated at 9.28 drawbar and 14.25 belt horsepower.
In 1952 the Model B was rated at 24.62 drawbar and 27.58 belt.

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