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The Model Y built

at Deere's Wagon Works

in Moline, Illinois

Deere's experiments turn into the Model Y but none were sold.

Model Y 1936

With the smashing success of the John Deere Model B tractor, Deere
management believed there was a good market for an even smaller
tractor, the John Deere Model Y.

Ira Maxon, chief engineer of the John Deere Wagon Works was given
the job of building this smaller tractor. In 1936 development of the
John Deere Model Y tractor began.

The Wagon Works, Moline Illinois, built 24 small Model Y tractors
for garden use.

Advertised price was $532.50.

The Model Y tractors started out with a Novo C-66 2 cylinder vertical
engine, a Ford Model A transmission, tubes for the chassis, and a
Ford Model A steering gear having no support for the steering wheel.

Field trials proved the Novo C-66 engine, which was intended for
stationary use, were just not going to cut the mustard. It had capacity
for one quart of oil and hillside use left the bearings woefully
lacking in lubrication.

A Hercules NXA two cylinder engine was substituted.

The Model Y was considered an experimental tractor and all were
recalled to the factory.

There are no records to indicate that any Model Y tractors were ever
sold, however a small amount of sales literature was produced.

1936 experimental John Deere Y Tractor

The Model Y weighed 1340 lbs.

The John Deere Wagon Works was the plant where wooden wagons
were built.

Due to the increasing popularity of the steel wagon, and since steel
wagons required far less floor space to build, there was room for
building of the Model Y.

In 1943 a portion of the Wagon Works was later named the John Deere
Moline Tractor Works. Within a few more years the Wagon Works
was re-designated as the John Deere Industrial Equipment Works.

Max Sklovsky was one of the engineers that worked on developing the
Model Y.

For info on Sklovsky's and all Deere experimental tractors see:

Deere and Company's experimental Tractors

Hercules developed the NXA engine by cutting their existing four cylinder
engine in half. 20 engines were sold to Deere in June and July of 1936.
6 Model Y tractors retained the original Novo engine.

The Hercules NXA engine had a bore and stroke of 3 x 4 inches, 56
cubic inches,  and 10 horsepower.

Models Y, 62, L & LA had a foot clutch instead of the traditional
hand clutch.

The Model Y was Deere's answer to the Allis Chalmers B, the Massey Pony,
and International's Farmall A.

There are no Model Y tractors known to be in existence.

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