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Peppy Pets
July 16, 03

Bandit my special Ferret Friend
Crystal Lowery

I have a special little friend, very little indeed.
He keeps me happy and helps me when I'm in need.
He's always there for me to hold, love on, and care for.
Even if I have a good day, he cheers me up even more.

I keep him in my heart when I'm away somewhere.
He's my baby and I love him, no one else can compare.
He is very special to me, he helps me get by life.
When I'm blue, he's blue too. We live the same life.

We share each day together and I enjoy his company.
We share thoughts,
we understand each other,
It's always him and me.

I got him on my birthday,
what a birthday it was.
I loved him the moment I seen him,
he was the cutetest one.

He is very sweet, and it is him that I adore.
I've enjoyed the days I've spent with him and
I hope to share even more.

Bandit is my pet ferret,
but also my best friend.
We're there for each other,
and we'll always be, until the very end.


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Are Euthanized Pets Really....In Pet Foods?

We have several informational articles on the subject,
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Mooshka Dahoya Pretty Cat

When I taught on the Apache Reservation at Dulce, New
Mexico we had a brown Tortoise-Shell female kitten
named Mooshka......Mooshka is Apache for cat which
didn't seem quite personal enough so we added Dahoyea
for pretty.......So our gift kitten became
Mooshka Dahoyea Pretty Cat.

Her favorite place was the back of my recliner where she
could watch me grade papers.......Dulce is 8,700 feet up in
the San Juan Mountains of Northern New Mexico.........
wolves, coyotes, bears and an occasional cougar
inhabit the area.

Winter dips to-40 degrees and hangs there for months on end.
Our backyards were fenced with a 6 foot chain link fence
to keep out most things......That year, however, the snow lay
in drifts that connected the eaves with the ground and piled
up against the fence.

Mooshka had grown into a sleek lady cat. and had found
some companionship early in the fall which had netted her
5 kittens.......Kittens and mama were set up in the bedroom
farthest from the draft.

Now our next door neighbor in the teacherage had a solid white
Persian named Sheba.......Sheba and Mooshka were not
on speaking terms they never had been fond of each other.

John, our neighbor, had gone back east for Christmas and
left Sheba outside... at -40 the cat would not survive, so I made
it my business to look for and care for Sheba.

I found her huddled close to my neighbors door......Wrapped
her in my wool muffler and carried her home for a hot meal
and a warm bed..........

Mooshka would have none of it, When I came in with Sheba,
She clawed her way up my trousers and attacked the
interloper. Sheba came to life and clawed her way out the back
door...... Mooshka in hot pursuit......Now there were two cats
in the snow and cold.

Mooshka was easy to get. I just took the loudest of her
kittens to the back door......His squalls of protest brought
back mother........

Sheba was another matter....It was nearly midnight by the time
I got her into the warm wash room and got her properly fed.
It took 2 days before Mooshka forgave me for bringing
"That Hussy" into her home............

That Spring, the Coyotes got Mooshka when she wandered
too far from the house. Yet, I have never seen such a protective animal.

I am old, and far from the high mountains. My wife is dead,
but I think of them Mooshka and my Mary and of the yarn
balls Mooshka would steal from her yarn basket for the pure
pleasure of silly cat games, and of feline outrage
over Persian interlopers.

Jerry Moseley


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