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Pet Bad Breath

Peppy Pets
July 21, 2004

Have a Pet Bad Breath Problem?

Most pet parents are really no aware that if their dog
or cat has bad breath, then they could have their lives
cut short by up to 5 years.

Yes, pet bad breath is in a number of cases, really a
symptom of a more serious, underlying problem. If your
dog or cat does suffer from bad breath, or commonly
called "doggie breath", then we suggest making an
appointment with your vet for a routine checkup.

Some vets claim that up to 70% of cats and 80% of dogs
which are older than 3 years, do have some form of
periodontal disease, which affects the gums and bone
structure of the dog's tooth.

Unwanted bacteria can then get in the blood and cause
infections or damage to vital organs.

Select Me for the Solution to Pet and Doggie Bad Breath


I think Patches, my guinea pig, would like to tell me,
"hello! I'm so glad you're home! Please feed me!"
And then when I put him on the floor on his towel to
brush him, he'd say "I love to be brushed!" 

Janelle Stolen


I think my cats would say "Man - we got it made!!!"

Julee :)


My pet will say "I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU,
I LOVE YOU", because she is loved.

Janet Castillo


Dog Stuff

We've added a completely new section to our Dog Care Tips
site, so if you have a dog this will be of interest you.

We've affiliated with one of the Internet's largest Wholesale
suppliers of dog products (JB Pet) to bring you a quality line of
dog supplies, all at very reasonable prices.

Everything from Dog books, to collars, crates and cages,
grooming supplies, flea and tick stuff, fact you name it for
dogs and we carry it.

So check it out:
Dog Supplies


Aren't the "kids" Fun?

I have three dogs. I have a large black Labrador Retriever
who has a white spot on his chest who has a little pit in
him named Spade. He is about 60 pounds but thinks he is a
puppy so he tries to lay in your lap.

My two other dogs are rat terriers. Reba is a tan and white
medium sized rat who can stand on her legs and is very
acrobatic and a little wild. My littlest baby is Roscoe who
is a brown, black and white toy rat. He is spoiled. He loves
to ride in the car. He also has size misconceptions. He
thinks he can go after LARGE dogs. He had gone after a
German Shepherd dog who ran away. Roscoe is our personal
protector and monitors all the comings and goings in the

I also have a wonderful yellow tabby named Junior. He had a
larger yellow tabby brother Tiger who went away and we think
he took up a new residence as folks in another part of town
have spotted him. His daughter who is a Halloween cat=black
mixed with the yellow tabby base named Trix is also here
now. "Dad" is having a hard time coping as "daughter" likes
to attack his tail. Aren't kids fun?

Virginia Baker


Alfred got his tail in gear and put up many new pages
to his Cat Care Site you may want to take a look at.

Cat Care Site


Man, here I am 7 years old and my mommy gets someone for me
to play with ..da-a-a-a-a.. Humans sure need their head
looked at (and I don't mean from the outside) I'm 7 !!! I
don't want anything but my mommy to play with and I sure
don't want anyone taking any of her attention away from me,
after all I've been an only child for a long time. And she
wants me to share my treats now.

I don't know what to do with this little thing. First, I was
mean and she was almost meaner. I ignore her and she wants
to play with me AND my toys. She has her own and I steal
them all the time and try and rip them up but no-o-o-o .....
mom takes them away from me and gives me my own. And they
aren't as interesting as hers.

My nose is bent in a horrible direction, and I don't know
how to get rid of her. I take her into the woods and hope I
can loose her but she keeps coming home. My moms always
glad but not me. It looks like this little one is here to
stay. But I haven't given up hope that I can set her up and
get her a free trip to the dog pound.

And by the way .. what kind of name is Tootsi???? Can anyone
help me with this project of mine. I could use some
suggestions that would work.

love Sammy

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