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Peppy Pets
July 21, 03


How we found the stray cat, Snickers Marie Scroggin
By: Annette

As the story goes, my husband feel in love with her and
this little stray cat named Snickers Marie Scroggin is ours now.

In September of 2002 our house was hit quite badly by
lighting and we didn't have any heat/air conditioning. We
just came home from an errand and opened the windows and we
heard a strange sound. We turned on the porch light and
there was a cat that looked like mink. She went away. The
next day she came back and we fed her.

That Saturday night, I turned on the porch light before I
went to bed and she was here again. I picked her up and
brought her in and then went to my neighbor next door with
the cat and asked what do I do now? She gave me some cat
food and litter.

We tried to find a home for her by running ads in the
newspapers and nothing happened. We were on waiting lists
and it would be some time before we could take her there.
They couldn't promise us that she would not be put to sleep.

As the story goes, my husband feel in love with her and
this little stray cat named Snickers Marie Scroggin is ours now.

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Hi Dave

I just wanted to thank you so much for putting together the
Peppy Pets newsletter. You don't know how much it has meant
to me, especially this past week, when I've gone over the old
issues you sent, during the long miserable nights.

You see, on Wednesday, October 22, my beloved dog Sandy
was killed by a swarm of killer bees, and in trying to save her,
I received many hundreds of stings and had to be hospitalized.
When I was released, I found the bees had stung my two pet
roosters to death as well, and my surviving pet hen was blinded
by the stings she received.

We and our remaining dogs have been keeping vampire hours
in an effort to avoid the bees, which the exterminator said would
take a while to completely eradicate. Today has been the first day
the bees were suitably decimated that I could feel the sunshine
on my swollen, itchy face.

It occurred to me that your newsletter is just like that sunshine!
So hour after hour, all those long depressed nights while I
did yard work by the light of the moon, it was nice to know
there was something so sweet as Peppy Pets to look forward
to receiving.
Thank you!

Precious Rules the Roost

I'd like to tell you about my sweet kitty Precious. She is
about 10 years old, and I went to live with her, my new
husband and my mother-in-law 7 years ago. I never really
knew a cat that I liked before then, but have since grown to
love her as a child. My mother-in-law moved out several
years ago, so now it's just the three of us, and we're just
one big happy family. Since the weather has cooled down,
and we have cooler nights now, she loves snuggling up to us
and goes under the covers from time to time. She loves
playing with her stuffed fish and mice that we have for her
to play with, and she will take those things all over the
house. We find them under furniture all the time where she
hides them from us, and I'll wonder where that toy went,
then she'll come dragging it out from under something just
out of the blue. She's so funny when we give her catnip
from time to time! She will take a running spell through
the house, which we call 'sowing her wild oats,' and she'll
run and run for the longest! But she's our baby and she
knows it! She's the ruler of the roost!

She has really been a God send since the recent passing of
my mother too. She knows when something isn't right or if
someone in the family is sick, it's like she's there to
comfort you. If one of us is sick she will lay down next to
us and purr as loud as she can, and even so when she's not
feeling well. She has been sick for a month or so, with
sneezing and cold like symptoms, which the vet said she
seemed healthy otherwise. But she just wanted us to cuddle
her and be next to her just like a little baby. Well, she
is our baby, I can't say anything less!

I hope you enjoyed my story about my little sweet Precious!

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