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Peppy Pets
July 28 03

Monkey is watching us from over the Rainbow Bridge
Deborah Duckworth

First I would like to thank you, we recently got a 2 month
old kitten who had URI, he is on antibiotics, but was still
very congested. So I got the vaporizer and we used it last
night. He is so much better this morning. Thank you.

My story: My husband and I had been without any animals for
quite along time. When my son found out he couldn't keep
both his cats when he moved, he decided to give us Monkey. A
male cat just over a year old. My husband and I were
hesitant because after all we were both in our 60's and had
pretty much resigned ourselves to not having any animals.
But we agreed. We called the vet to have Monkey fixed, and
get him his shots.

Well when we brought him home the next day, that was the
start of a relationship that touched both of us more then we
would ever think.

Monkey decided that he would sleep with us every night, and
curl up on my lap on the couch, or get on my chest and lick
me to death. I guess we felt he was thanking us for giving
him a loving home. He had all the best toys, his favorite
was a sponge ball, and the tunnel we bought for him to hide
in and grab you as you walked past.

Then one morning we awoke to him not in the bed with us. We
went down stairs to find him laying on the floor having
difficulty breathing. I immediately called our vet. It was
early so the service said they would have him call us back.
We put the cat in the truck and we headed to the office,
when the vet called and asked how long it would take us to
get there. I told him we were on our way, he said he would
meet us there.

Now Monkey wasn't even 2 years old yet, but I could tell it
wasn't going to be good. When we arrived, the vet told us
that Monkey had suffered a heart attack, and he would see
what he could do for him. Our hearts were broken. The
feeling was something I had never felt in my life and my
husband wasn't much better.

By the time we got home the vet called to tell us he was
gone. I thought I would die. I couldn't believe he was gone,
we had hoped he would be with us a long time. I said I would
never again get another cat. Well two months later, the
pain although still there, we started talking about another
cat, maybe a kitten.

So we went to the Humane Society and we got us Spyder. A
little tiger cat, and after a rough start, he is coming
along and we are seeing some of the things Monkey did this
little guy doing them too.

Our hearts have opened up again to this little one that
needed our help, and deep down we know that Monkey is
watching from the Rainbow Bridge.


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Dear Dave -- I am very impressed with the dog food sample
you sent to my dogs. I have a very picky eater Basenji, who
would not eat anything but IAM's and only that after it was
soaked for exactly 10 minutes. If he didn't have that he
would not eat anything. Well when I got the sample he
crawled up into my lap and chewed at the bag to get it open
and then sat there and ate the whole thing by himself. He
has Never done that.
Unheard of!!


Gretchen Redel

Amanda is a 4 1/2 year old buff spaniel. I adopted her when
she was 6 months old through my Spaniel Rescue friends. She
had been left at the pound because her owners said she
couldn't be housebroken. What a shame. The little one had
been abused, but with love and patience she has become a
wonderful companion.

When I first brought Amanda home, she didn't know what
treats or toys were, how to give kisses, and was very
anxious. She toilet-papered the house, ate her toy box,
books and newspapers, and was generally destructive. She
even tried to run away once.

The poor little thing had "canine separation anxiety" and
howled a lot so I put her in day care for a while, then hired a
neighbor to visit with her during the day while I was at
work. She tried to bite her first groomer - a man - then
fell in love with her lady groomer.

One day Amanda realized that she was having a good life
after all and decided everything was okay. She has turned
into the best behaved, friendliest little animal ever! She
loves to visit our neighbors and play with other dogs.
People are always commenting that she is such a happy animal
and I'm glad that I have helped because I love her dearly.

4 dogs and 2 cats
Maggie Mae, Otto, Frannie, Frannie's Sunshine, Big Foot, Smokey Joe
Judy Geelhart

This is not a very nice story. This happened to me years
ago. As a person who loves pets it was a hard lesson to

I had a kitten someone gave me and I kept her in the
bathroom at night. She had her bowl of water and her dry
food dish with her litter box. I had never seen her drink
out of the toilet bowl so was never concerned that she would
do so. Not everyone remembered to put the toilet shut when
they left the bathroom.

Unfortunately, about that time the new deodorants/cleaners
came out that went into your tank and dispensed the liquid
whenever they were flushed. They had no WARNINGS for pets.
The problem with these poisons they do not kill right away.
It took months.

I noticed that she stopped growing at about six months. And
one day my brother told me she was behind our shed dieing.
We took her to the emergency pet hospital, but there was
nothing they could do but prolong her life. After much
discussion we went to our regular vet and had her put to
sleep. I do not even know if these companies include
warnings for pet. I do not buy any of these products any

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