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When is it an

emergency? Should

you call the Vet?

Peppy Pets
July 29 03

When Should You Call Your Vet

We have several really good informational web pages
for you on the topic of when should you call your vet
about pet emergencies.

We realize you are concerned about your pet which
is a natural thing. The main thing is don't get all excited
and upset. If you are in any doubt about whether you
should make a phone call to your vet.... Then Do It!

What would make you feel worse.... if you didn't call and
something went seriously wrong with your pet, or if you did
call and they told you you shouldn't call.

Besides, if you would happen to get berated by the vet's office
for calling, then perhaps you might want to think about
getting a new vet who welcomes your business and is concerned
enough about your pet to want to answer your calls.

Just pick up the phone and dial the vet's office, in most
every case you'll be glad you did.

When Should You Call Your Vet

Pet Emergencies & First Aid Tips

Emergency Care for Horses.... we have some good pages
here on emergency care for horses too:


Dear Dave and friends...

Let's put it this way. I am never EVER going to let my dogs
or any of my pets eat anything that I have not read the
ingredients of, and are sure that there is nothing harmful
in it. I have also talked to many people at my work about
this, and they too are watching out for their loved ones.
I've hung up fliers at work about the bad things in pet
food, with Healthy Pet's internet address. And I've sent
all my e-mail buddies info about everything.

But what else can we do? I feel for all the poor animals
out there that are being harmed by their owners who think
that they're feeding them good nutritious meals!!! I've
actually had nightmares over the whole thing.

I've ordered the food, and it's on it's way. I can't wait
to start feeding Snoopy and Woody really healthy food. They
already are quite healthy looking, but I can't wait till I
KNOW that they are truly becoming healthy inside and out. I
thank you so much for everything, and for all the people and
pets that made the whole thing possible. I'm so glad that I
found Healthy Pet Net!! Thank you so much!!!

Peace, Love, Happiness, Flowers, and Stars to all
Jen, Snoopy, and Woodstock

All Natural Dog & Cat Food and Products


Flocky & Teddy
Sylvia Fanous

Dear Tippy & Alfred,

Thank you for giving me the chance to be a part of the group
of animal lovers. I'm Sylvia from Egypt, 39 years old, a
true animal lover, can't remember a time in my life without
a pet. I like dogs most of all.

Now I'd like to introduce to you my latest two best
companions (dogs):

Flocky; a white French Griffon male; he passed away two
years ago at the age of 17.5. He was a very cute little
independent friend, used to share everything with me, liked
to swim, ate crazy things like nuts, green beans (he used to
peel them) and mangos, when he barked he used to stand on
his rear legs stretching his front paws up. He always came
to me and showed me the place on his body where I sure would
find a tick to take away. I still miss him a lot, but
unfortunately our friend's lives are always shorter than

Teddy; a kind of brown, black & beige mix of Griffon and
something else female; she died last year at 17 years. She
was a sweet loving and petting thing, she used to climb up
the sofa to reach our shoulder and stand on it to lick our
ears. Teddy loved bones the most, but she too was funny she
liked vegetables, nuts and mangos. She was afraid of the sea
and kept barking until we got out safe. She had four puppies
twice from Flocky. I miss her too.

Both lived a happy and healthy life till there death. They
haven't been to the vet except for the regular visits until
they reached 14 years then the usual problems of oldness
began slightly, Teddy was diagnosed to have cancer, the vet
said it's too risky to operate on her, but she never
suffered any pain until the last three days of her life.
Flocky's body was getting weaker the last two years, in the
last year he couldn't, smell, see clear any more and he
wasn't able to walk straight. We had to feed him by hand,
but we where sure he liked our company till the end even if
we had to help him get along.

Sylvia Fanous

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