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Peppy Pets
June 09 03

Household Cleaning Products that are SAFE
for you Pets & the Environment.

In this day and age we are becoming more concerned
about the effects of cleaning chemicals and what
they do to the environment.

Not only can these chemicals used in cleaning products
hurt the environment, they can also cause harm to your
dog and cat, or other household pet.

Many of these cleaning products are also made by
manufacturing companies which test these awful chemicals
on poor animals who can't escape from being tortured.

We are concerned.

About the environment, about the safety of your pets,
and about eliminating animal testing.

If you are concerned also, then we would recommend using
what we do, a Very Safe household cleaner from a
good company which doesn't test on animals.

Non toxic and Safe....great for pet odor control!

Discover what they are all about at this link:

Velvet, Tygrr'Lilly, Axl, Bowie
Danelle Carlsen

Me and my husband have four beautiful, affectionate cats. We
started out with one... Soon after we got married in October
1999, I was working one day doing door-to-door sales and I
needed an attitude adjustment. As an animal lover, seeing
animals in just about any setting can easily cheer me up, so
I went into a pet store nearby.

There were all the usual kittens, puppies, birds and fish,
but I noticed an adult cat in one of the pens. I asked about
the cat and was told that she belonged to a young man who
died, and his parents brought her in - they were giving her
away to a good home.

I realized this was a perfect cat for us, because a kitten
would require more time than an adult cat, and as we are
both cat lovers, we wanted one to make our house a home. So
we adopted her. We had no idea what to name her so I decided
she could name herself...shortly after that I found her in
my closet, sitting on a velvet cocktail dress - hence the
name "Velvet".

She is a grey and cream tabby with silver highlights, and
she is 100% Cattitude...if she is comfy in your lap and you
have to get up or move she will grumble. If you touch her
feet (especially the back ones) you will most likely get
swatted at, but she is also very affectionate and loves to
sleep on top of us at night.

She did not really get along with other cats, and we wanted
more than one cat, so we let her get acquainted with a local
tomcat one night, and she ended up having a litter of three
- all of which we kept. Tygrr'Lilly (spelling is
intentionally strange), Axl, and Bowie.(Axl is on my lap at
this very moment, kneading away)...anyways, Tygrr' and Axl
are tabby cats: Tygrr' is a black and brown tabby and she is
very petite, although she was the first born and they are
all nearly 2 years old she still looks like a kitten! Also
she is very strong for her size and does not care to be
picked up much.

Axl is a golden brown tabby with a face very much like a
cougar's; he likes to vocalize a lot, sit in our laps, and
he also plays fetch with foam ping-pong balls. Bowie has
black and brown tabby markings and a lot of white, he looks
a lot like his father, except his fur is almost angora in
texture and he has a huge plumy tail. Bowie is a very
affectionate cat; he is also the only one of ours that
enjoys getting his tummy rubbed.

So that is the story of our cats, sorry if it was kinda
long!! ;)


Dee Dodge

We have 2 cats and a dog, but my story is about our youngest
cat. His name is Tucker because he looks like he is wearing
a Tuxedo. Tucker will be 6 months old September 10, 2002
and we've had him since he was about a week and a half old.

Since Tucker was so young when we got him, we had to bottle
feed him; and make no mistake about it; we almost lost him.
But he finally got the hang of things and started growing.
It was fun to bottle feed him from the beginning, but it
became hazardous as he got older. He got very demanding and
temperamental and wasn't always the easiest thing to take
care of, but we made it to getting him weaned.

Once he was weaned, it got a little bit easier to take care
of him. He's such a loving kitten that we just wanted to
hold him all the time. There was only one problem though, he
liked to be held. And if you didn't pick him up when he
thought you should, he would climb right up your back to you
shoulder, taking half you skin with him.

It took awhile, but we've finally figured out how to deal
with him and we're all a lot happier for it. Now days, when
we first walk in the door, we pick Tucker up and give him
lots of love. We pass him around so that he gets his
attention from everyone and then he's happy, so he doesn't
use our backs as a runway any more.

He is such a loving part of our family, we don't know how we
ever lived without him. He even sleeps with us, curled up on
mine or my husband's arm. Everyone who meets him wants to
take him home. I'm just not sure if he's figured out that
he's a cat yet. But we wouldn't trade him for anything. We
love him. He's our baby.

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