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Two Delightful Stories

about Bull Terrier Doggies

Peppy Pets
June 15, 03

Zazu named after the Lady Zazu Pitts
Gigi DeLuca

My name is Zazu and human mom is Gigi. She adopted me about
6 years ago and I had been horribly abused and dumped on the
grounds of Principia College in Alton, Illinois. My
companion and I made our way to Professor Morse's house and
he took us in, fed us and bandaged our wounds. My human mom
was looking to adopt a dog who needed a home and she came to
visit the Professor. I liked her right away and she felt
the same for me. She asked the Professor where I had gotten
my name "Zazu" and He said that he named me after a lady
named Zazu Pitts who was a comedienne back in the 1940's and
that I had a funny personality and the name fit.

My human mom has taken excellent care of me and has spoiled
me rotten. Some people are confused about me because the
vet says I am an American Staffordshire Bull Terrier,
otherwise known as a Pit Bull. However, I have a very long
and tall body unlike most that you see. I have a very
loving countenance and enjoy everyone and am actually very
timid, unless you are a much bigger dog than me. I have
never been aggressive toward any human and wish that all the
humans out there would understand that it is not my nature
to be aggressive.

My human mom says I am the best pet she has ever had and
when I took a little detour from our yard (and was gone
overnight) she was frantic with worry. Told her I wouldn't
do it again (at least for a while).

Anyway, just wanted Dave to know how much I LOVE Life's
Abundance. When my mom found out about it she ordered it
right away. I've been on it for a month now and it's
wonderful. I'm trying to talk her into ordering the treats

Zazu DeLuca

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Sabra an American Pit Bull Terrier

I have owned my beautiful pit bull for a little over 6 years
now, and never have I seen or had the pleasure to own a
better dog. I got her for Christmas and she was only 4 wks
old when I got her. So I had to give her formula mixed into
her dog food, she was so little. I was pregnant at the time
and was not to sure about having a notorious dog.

But as I soon learned this dog was the best child's dog
ever!!! She has given me and my children the best a dog can
give. now she has a disease that will soon take her away
from us, and I am so heart broken about this I cannot tell
you. She has a disease called Immune mediated
thrombocytoenia, and if you have never heard of this well
join the club!!! I have found out that only two percent of
the dogs in the world ever get this fatal disease and once
they have been diagnosed with it they only have about three
months to live.

She is now almost at the end of her time.... this disease is
not to well researched and they do not have any ideas as to
the causes of it because it is so rare. It is a bleeding
disorder, and they are usually placed on steroid treatment
and if they do not bleed to death the steroids destroy the
liver, which is what is happening now to my lil girl.

She has put up a brave battle and I desperately want to save
her. I am giving her herbs such as milk thistle and omega 3,
Echinacea and vita C, if anybody has any info that may help
her please contact me. She is my 5 yr old daughter's best
friend, and my little girl. Everybody that has met her
immediately sees how smart she is and loving. Even the vets
have given over to her charms.

The last visit we spoke about our next visit on march 27 to
put her to sleep before she dies of liver failure, when the
vet spoke she started to cry as did I.

She is truly an amazing dog she does everything you ask of
her and more. Since she was 4 wks old she only went one time
in my house. I never had to train her she just knew. I will
miss this dog with all my heart and soul. I do own 2 other
Pit bulls but they are not even close to her magnitude even
though they are both great dogs. This is what I call a once
in a lifetime dog. And I thank god for letting me know her
and having the best dog that I have ever seen...........

Crystal Smith

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