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Story About a

Dog Named Rover

Peppy Pets
June 20 03


Rover showed up on our doorstep a few days before
Thanksgiving a number of years ago. We lived in an area that
made dropping off animals easy for irresponsible pet owners.

Our dog officer, at the time, was an idiot whose solution
was to shoot any strays that you called to ask him to help with.
Knowing how much I loved animals, my neighbors would call
me and I would try to find homes for them - successfully,
most of the time, thank Goodness.

After Rover was severely injured by a construction truck
and had to have extensive medical treatment, we decided to
keep him.

Rover more than earned his keep - his daily duty was to
walk each shift of school children to and from the bus stop.
He would go to the home of each child, walk to the top
of the hill, wait until the bus picked them up and then come
home. This was repeated twice a day - he knew exactly
when the bus was going to drop them off at the end of the
day and was there to meet them and escort them home.

One morning, a man stopped and tried to lure one of the
little girls into his car. He quickly changed his mind when
Rover walked up to his car with his back hair bristling, his
teeth bared and the most menacing look that a dog could
ever give. Needless to say, the man took off like a shot
and was never seen again!

I have often wished I had a good ability to write a book
because I could fill many pages with stories about my animals
- Rover would be a book all by himself - he was rescued
by the mayor's secretary one time, etc., etc.

He is now in Doggie Heaven and I sincerely believe we will
all be reunited one day - and I look forward to that.

Submitted by Peggy Frechette
Peggy describes Rover as All American Mutt -
part Shepherd and part Collie.

Louie, My Dog was Best Man at my Wedding,
complete with Tux!

I moved from Louisiana to South Carolina 2 years ago with
my, now, husband. I was really lonesome for and missed my
family. We went to the SPCA to adopt a dog. On the way
there - my husband said "I don't want a lab. I want a small
lap dog."

I saw Louie and fell in love with him. He is a beautiful
strawberry blonde lab mix. My, then, boyfriend said "He's
going to get to big" I replied with "He's the one I want!"
He's the one we got!! He was around 10 weeks when we got
him. We named him Louie for Louisiana.

I've had dogs all my life and I can honestly tell you, Louie
is the best dog I've ever had. We've bonded by training
together - he is very smart. He gets so excited when he
learns a new trick. He thirsts for knowledge. I get
compliments on how well he is trained, but he deserves all
the credit. We play together, love together, shop together,
walk together, eat together - do everything together. I take
him with me everywhere I can. He even comes to work with
me. He had his own tux for our wedding and stood next to
the best man. Everyone loves Louie. He doesn't even know
he's a dog! Hopefully I can send you a picture soon.

He's has the most beautiful golden eyes you've ever seen. He
can open and close the door, put away his toys, goes to his
room on command, lay down, shake, sit, rollover, high five,
play football, get the paper and give kisses on command. He
knows 'Get in the truck', 'Get in the back', 'Come on',
'back up', 'heel', 'No', 'Down" and 'Stay' also. I can hold
a conversation with him! We're working on him sitting up in
the beg position right now. It won't be long before he gets
it. He is spoiled rotten, but I love every minute of
spoiling him. He is my baby!!! Thank you for giving me the
opportunity to share my Louie with you.


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