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National Take Your

Dog to Work Day

Peppy Pets
June 24, 2004

Take Your Dog To Work Day

On June 25, at cubicles, offices and organizations around
the country, people will be bringing their best friends with
them when they clock in. "Take Your Dog to Work Day,"
organized by Pet Sitters International (PSI), encourages
organizations to show their support for their employees
and their pets by allowing staff to bring their dogs to work.

Many companies are finding that pet-friendly policies not
only celebrate the great relationship that people have with
their pets—they can also be good for business. "Numerous
studies have shown that having a dog at work increases
employee morale, productivity, creativity, sales and
interpersonal communication, while decreasing stress,"
says Sheila Smith, Public Relations Specialist for Pet Sitters


Pet Relaxant

If your pet sometimes gets anxious and has stressful situations
and you would like to use something that is natural and
not harmful to their body, then we suggest you take a look
at "Mellow Out".

Natural Dog Anti Anxiety


Counting Your Cat's Calories
By: Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M.

When filling your cat's calorie requirements, do it with
calories that count nutritionally.

It's extremely important to remember that quality protein
- protein that is going to supply the proper amount of amino
acids - is vital to your cat's health.

A nutritious diet for an adult cat should contain a minimum
of 30 percent of it's calories from quality protein and
a minimum of 20 to 40 percent from the right fats.

There is a limit to how much - or how little - will satisfy
your cat at mealtime. Therefore, you have to supply your
pet with enough volume to satisfy the animal's internal
stretch receptors (so that it feels full), and at the same
time be sure that the volume you're feeding includes all
the nutrients your cat needs.

One cup of poor quality food might fill your cat's tummy
and supply ample calories, but may not even come close
to meeting its nutritional requirements.

Keep in mind, these numbers are estimates. All cats are
unique; while one cat needs 220 calories, another may
require only 190.

For more great answers on cat and kitten care:
Check out our Feline Library


Rock these Dog's World Will Ya!

World's Best Drug Sniffing Dogs
A US Customs Labrador named "Snag" has made 118 drug
seizures worth a canine record $810 million.

The greatest number of drug seizures by dogs is 969 in 1988.
IN ONE YEAR! The team of "Rocky" and "Barco" patrolled
the Texas and Mexico border, alias "Cocaine Alley." They
were so good that Mexican drug lords put a price of $30,000
dollars on their heads.

The last animal in the dictionary is the Zyzzyva, a tropical

Honeybees have hair on their eyes.

The only continent without reptiles or snakes is Antarctica.

There's a "meow" in the middle of "homeowner."


Phoebe, Panda, Espie, Harley: Guinea Pigs

I never had a Fuzzy pet of my very own. I took care of many
young strays, to maybe adopt but other people end up
adopting them. I didn't mind, it just shows how well trained
and pretty I made them. Still, I felt I wanted one to call
my very own. Little did I know, I would end up with four
fuzzie wuzzies.

Well, being 30-ish and living on my own with my boyfriend,
who would give me the world-if I asked. I said I want
something fuzzy for a pet. It could be small because we
lived in an apartment. He said no hamsters because he was
afraid that it will die right after we get it. He also said
no cats because I am allergic to them. I still like to play
with cats, and other things that I am allergic to, but he
was right. I said okay, it would be another kind of animal.

I finally got a chance to get one at a special sale from a
local pet store. It was crowded when we got there with only
an hour to spare. My choices were bunnies, rats, mice, and
guinea pigs (I had to remember: no hamster, no cats, or
dogs- too big). I choose a quiet brown-and-white puff ball
at a corner of the cage. It was a female guinea pig.

Anyways, we got it home, named it Phoebe, and we spoiled
her. Over a month, she got big and lumpy, which was not a
good sign for a young single pig. We caught on that we
probably got her when she was pregnant. I couldn't get her
date of birth from the pet store, but after we came home
from vacation in early September, we knew the birthdates of
the three little fuzzies that popped out.

Our first thought was that we had to give the little ones
away when they got bigger. At about a month old, we took all
the piggies to the veterinarian for a checkup. The vet said
that the cavies were healthy and they were all girls. Time
passed, and we found out, In Time, that two were actually
boys, and one was a girl. We built two separate pens for
them, which pretty much decided that we were going to kept

So, that's how we ended up with four healthy fuzzies named
Phoebe, Harley, Espie, and Panda.

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