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Kingfishers Heavy

bills and heads,

small feet and tails.


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Diving for Fish,  Kingfishers are right at home.

Kingfishers are large headed, short tailed birds that dive for fish.
Except for terns, kingfishers are the only small bird that dives
headlong from air into the water.

Their bodies are short and plump, and their legs and feet are small.

The bills of kingfishers are variable, depending on their food.
Not all kingfishers feed on fish;  a large number of
forest-inhabiting species eat non aquatic invertebrates and
small  vertebrates.

Kingfishers nest in tunnels in earth banks and lay pure white eggs.

The best known North American kingfisher is the belted kingfisher,
which breeds from Alaska  to Florida, with some individuals moving
south for the winter as far as northern South America.

It is blue-gray above and white below, with a shaggy crest. Males
have a blue-gray belt across the breast; females have a rusty band
below the blue-gray one.

The length of the belted kingfisher is 13 inches. A similar but larger
species, the ringed kingfisher,  is 16 inches. It is tropical,
occurring as far north as south Texas.

The belted kingfisher builds it's nest in a bank or bluff usually near
water. It is lined with fish bones and scales, leaves and grass.

5 to 8 eggs are laid that are glossy white and unmarked.

Picture Kingfisher

Kingfishers make up the family Alcedinidae in the order Coraciiformes.

Types of North American Kingfishers Include:

Belted Kingfisher
Green Kingfisher
Ringed Kingfisher

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