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The Kuvasz Dog

Totally Loyal &

Totally Protective

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Kuvasz the White Sheepdog from Hungary
By: Tippy

The Kuvasz is a large, white sheepdog that comes from
Hungary. It is similar to the Polish Sheepdog (Owczarek
Podhalanski), Great Pyrenees, Komondor, Akbash and Slovak
Cuvac, although its ancestors are believed to have come from
Asia with the Magyar tribes, the original people who settled
Hungary. Similar dogs have been traced back as far as the
ninth century.

Sadly, history tells us that during World War II the German
and Soviet soldiers deliberately killed as many Kuvasz as
possible because the breed were such fierce protectors of
their families. The breed has since been carefully rebuilt,
possibly with the help of some Great Pyrenees blood.

The coat of a Kuvasz is always white and dense, growing to
about six inches (fifteen centimeters) long, and its skin
eyes and nose are black. The coat texture can be straight to
wavy. The white coat of these sheepdogs was important and
bred in so that the shepherds could easily spot their dogs
and distinguish between their dogs and the gray of a
marauding wolf at night or in poor light.

Because the Kuvasz needs to be independent and intelligent
in order to properly do its job of watching the flocks and
at the same time watching for predators and defending the
sheep as necessary, these dogs are not like the average pet

This is a very large, agile and strong dog, of course, given
its assignment to fight wolves. Kuvasz weigh from seventy-
five to one hundred and fifty pounds (thirty-four to sixty-
eight kilograms) and stand from twenty-six to thirty inches
(sixty-six to seventy-six centimeters) at the shoulder. So
they are a breed for strong and experienced owners who
understand and appreciate the personalities of the
independent shepherd breeds.

A Kuvasz is patient and totally loyal with its people, but
it will always consider itself the caretaker and protector
so it cannot be "obedience trained" in the strictest sense.
A Kuvasz will be assertive and protective and will always
want to know why it is doing what you ask.

At the same time, it is a very sensitive breed and poor
physical treatment will lead to resentment and rebellion.
Experienced Kuvasz owners say that you don't "train" a
Kuvasz; rather, you teach it with companionship and positive
reinforcement. Because of its protective nature, puppies
must be well-socialized and trained from as early an age as


A Short Discussion on the Nutrition a Kuvasz Requires
Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

The large size, heavy coat, and large body of the
Kuvasz require similar nutritional requirements of
the Saint Bernard.

Kuvasz are prone to bloat, heart and joint
disease, so all precautions must be taken.

See how to Prevent Bloat in your Kuvasz

See also how to help Prevent Arthritis

L-carnitine and taurine rich foods must be added
to a high quality alternative professional food,
along with alfalfa to help prevent bone disease.

Your Kuvasz will Thrive on this Professional Food

Keeping your Kuvasz thin until 2 years of age,
no Frisbee, and steady exercise will help ensure
strong muscles and stable bone development.

Daily grooming helps reduce shedding, as will
the addition of vegetable enzymes to the diet.

Cleaning the ears and eyes daily with goldenseal
solution will prevent infections.

Healthy Treats for Kuvasz Dogs

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