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Lice in Pet Rabbits

Lice most often attack rabbits in hutches, especially during
the winter. Although lice is not all that common, it does

Lice can get a quite a start before the rabbit gives warning of their
presence by beginning to scratch.

Lice can make pet rabbits anemic and even cause death.

Dusting with a recommended lice powder is the most effective
way to control lice.

Mange in Pet Rabbits

Mange is a serious problem when it occurs in pet rabbits.
Mange can spread very rapidly and is difficult to successfully
treat. Often it is wise to cull the rabbit rather than have it risk
infecting other rabbits.

All mange like lesions are not necessarily mange, some bald,
red spots are caused by a bacterial infection, fungal infection, or
allergy. A skin scraping examined by your veterinarian is the
only way to make a positive diagnosis.

Mange is treated in pet rabbits by clipping off all the hair of
the rabbit, then using an insecticide

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