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Official State Fishes

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A complete List of Official State Fishes

The official fishes of each state in the united States are listed by state in alphabetical order below.

Alabama - Largemouth bass (freshwater) Fighting tarpon (marine)
Alaska - King salmon
Arizona - Arizona trout
California - Golden trout (freshwater) Garibaldi (marine)
Colorado - Greenback cutthroat trout
Connecticut - American shad
Delaware - Weakfish
Florida - Largemouth bass (freshwater) Common Snook (marine)
Georgia - Largemouth bass
Hawaii - Reef triggerfish
Idaho - Cutthroat trout
Illinois - Bluegill
Kentucky - Kentucky bass
Kansas - Channel Catfish
Louisiana - White Perch (also called "sac-au-lait")
Maine - Land-locked salmon
Maryland - Rockfish
Massachusetts - Atlantic cod
Michigan - Brook trout
Minnesota - Walleye
Mississippi - Largemouth bass
Montana - Blackspotted cutthroat trout
Nebraska - Channel catfish
Nevada - Lahontan cutthroat trout
New Hampshire - Striped bass (designated "official state saltwater game fish")
Brook trout (designated "official state freshwater fish")
New Mexico - Cutthroat trout
New York - Brook trout
North Carolina - Channel Bass (designated "state salt water fish")
North Dakota - Northern pike
Oklahoma - White bass
Oregon - Chinook salmon
Pennsylvania - Brook trout
Rhode Island - Striped bass
South Carolina - Rockfish
South Dakota - Walleye
Tennessee - Smallmouth bass state sport fish
Channel catfish state commercial fish
Texas - Guadalupe bass
Utah - Bonneville cutthroat trout
Vermont - Brook Trout state cold water fish
Walleye Pike state warm water fish
Virginia - Brook trout
Washington - Steelhead trout
West Virginia - Brook trout
Wisconsin - Muskellunge
Wyoming - Cutthroat trout

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