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The Cutest player on

the basketball court:

Lola Bunny

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Lola Bunny: the bunny who knows how to handle a ball......
or, at least handle Bugs

Not only is Lola Bunny the heartthrob of the hoops, she
is the heartthrob of the one and only Bugs Bunny's heart.

Perhaps the best player on the Toon Squad, the cute
fluffy bunny Lola, isn't afraid of anyone, including
5 giant aliens.

From the minute Lola Bunny walks on the court, you
know she has some serious moves, even the great Michael
Jordan is impressed.

And, not only is Michael impressed, so is Bugs Bunny who has
been waiting a long time for a female bunny companion.
Unfortunately Lola isn't too impressed with Bugs,
especially when he calls her "Doll".

Lola's famous line in the movie:

"Don't ever,  call ME Doll".

So Bugs has to figure out a better way to impress the
bunny of his dreams.

Bug's chance at winning Lola's heart comes in the
big game between the Toon Squad and the Monstars.
Lola has the ball and one big Monstar tries to take
it from her, but here comes Bugs to rescue, shoving
Lola out of the way and instead being painfully squished
by the huge Monstar.

Lola is certainly impressed with the heroic efforts of
Bugs and to celebrate the win, gives Bugs a great big kiss.

                 Bugs & Lola Bunny in Space Jam

Lola Bunny was created by Warner Brothers especially for
the 1996 movie Space Jam.

Space Jam is about 5 alien critters who want to take Bugs,
Lola and the Looney Tunes characters back to their planet for
use as entertainment in their boss's theme park.

Seeing that these aliens are pint sized, the Looney Tunes
characters challenge them to a game of basketball, winner
take all.

But the aliens steal the talent from 5 NBA superstars
and grow to giant size. Bugs knows he's in trouble
and calls on Michael Jordan, the now baseball player,
to help out.

Michael makes a deal with the aliens to give the talent
back if the Toon Squad wins, and if they lose, Michael
will go to Space Mountain.

        Michael Jordan & the Monstars in Space Jam

As the action winds down to the final few seconds, the
Toon Squad finds themselves behind. Just before the final
buzzer goes off, Michael does some Looney actions of
his own and wins the game.

The NBA players get their talent back, the Monstars
get to stay at Looneyland, the evil boss goes back to
Space Mountain, and Lola and Bugs live happily ever after.

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