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Jinx The Cat

wasn't fond of mice but

loved Raisin Bran

Peppy Pets
March 16, 04

Mr. Jinks and Kellogg's Cereals

How many of you old timers remember Pixie and Dixie and
how they tormented Mr. Jinks the cat, who incidentally
hated those meeces to pieces.

Kellogg's Cereals hosted the animated television show
which was modeled after the old Tom and Jerry shows.

For more info about famous cats and other animals, we
have many web pages up for your reading pleasure.

Read all about these famous animals we grew up with
and bring back some of those good memories.


When buying dog or cat food,
what would you rather spend your hard earned dollars on?

In one test we ran, we had to feed five times as much of the
Economy brand dog food to get the same nutritional benefits
of the Super-Premium.

Despite the cheap cost of the Economy food, the cheap stuff actually
costs you more to feed than a high quality food, because you
use more bags.

Read the rest of the story online here:


Felix Saves the Day
Kimberly Moriarty

I had to write to tell you about my little hero, Felix.

We have problems with leakage in our basement. This past
week it rained nearly every day but the water wasn't coming
in badly, so I didn't worry much. But at 5 a.m. on Sunday
morning Felix woke me with whining and then an angry growl.
When I opened the bedroom door Felix ran to the downstairs
living room and began to bark.

I didn't notice anything strange so I started back to bed.
Then I noticed what smelled like an electrical fire. Felix
was still barking at something in the living room so I went
back. Well, the water had flooded the room and was shorting
out the surge protector that all of my computer equipment
is plugged into. The smell was awful and sparks were flying.
We turned off the power and unplugged everything.

If Felix had not gotten me up we are afraid there could have
been a fire and a lot more damage.

Everyone is calling him my little hero and Felix will be
getting so many hugs and kisses he will probably have to
hide from me!!!!

Gambit & the Boys
Ann Tedeschi

Gambit is my eldest cat, he is about 5 years old now. He is
a peach & white mix and is a bit overweight, but that's ok -
just more Gambit to love. He is very affectionate & sweet.
He has 2 younger adopted brothers, Goku and Trowa Barton.
You may be thinking these are unusual names, but I am into
Japanese Anime & comic books and Gambit is named from a
character from Marvel comic's X-Men.

Years ago, I was a waitress at a Japanese restaurant and there
were stray cats that hung around there. Myself, and an old,
Japanese chef, Abe san, would feed the cats scraps & bought
cat food from our own pockets. 1 Spring about 5 years ago, I
had 3 pregnant mama cats whom bore 17 kittens. Buying the
food became costly for all of these cats, so I bought a huge
punch bowl from a thrift store & bribed the dishwashers to
save the meat for the cats in the bowl for me.

I called all of the NO Kill shelters on Long Island and was
on a waiting list. I gave away quite a few of the kittens
every time we sang Happy Birthday to someone - I would tell
them I have a Birthday present for them out back -worked
like a charm. Ted san, the restaurant manager, wanted to
call the pound, saying it didn't look good having all those
cats behind a Japanese restaurant with all the things people
say. I emphatically told him no way -the pound kills animals
that aren't adopted within a certain time - just wait - I
was getting them homes & was still waiting for a call from a
no kill shelter.

Gambit was the runt of all 17 kittens. It was hysterical
when I put the food bowl out at night - all the kittens &
cats would gather around & the little guy would try
breaking into the circle - then would always climb over all
the others' heads to get to the food. I think that may be
the cause of his overeating problem & obesity now. It's
funny to look at Gambit now as large as he is now & imagine
that he was the runt. Well to make a long story short, when
North Shore Animal League finally called - I had 5 of the 17
kittens remaining and Gambit was one of them. He grew on me
& I couldn't bear saying goodbye to him - so I snuck him
back to my apartment. I had the mamas spayed being that
they were too old & feral to be adopted & Abe san still
cares for them.

Gambit has a good home & is VERY loved & spoiled. His
brother Goku was adopted from the pound & brother Trowa was
a stray that I also rescued. They all get along great and
hog my bed at night. Gambit & the boys are my best buddies
and I wouldn't give them up for anything.

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