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Cat Story about

Matches the Cat

& Purronita

Peppy Pets
March 14, 03

Matches....My Story!

I was born in the shelter in December of 2000. I knew
that I was born on the 4th because that was the day
that the spirit of my (now) mommy's Maine Coon came
into me.

When I was 7 weeks old, a man and a lady came in and
they were looking for kitties but I knew that I was
waiting for the right person so I just slept. My
identical twin brother was taken out and held by this
couple and then after awhile, put back. The lady said
she wanted to take ALL of us home!

After about an hour of looking, petting and playing
with the other children the lady came back to my cage
(that I shared with my brothers and sisters and a few
others--it was a nice one, not cold and lonely!).

I still pretended to sleep as I heard her say how cute
the grey one was (that was my twin). The man said
"well, which one are we taking home?" and the lady
turned to the cage and said the magic words:
"Come to Momma".

I knew right then and there she was the mommy I
was supposed to have. I love my new home, my mommy
and daddy and I even have a new brother that isn't
too bad.

I have lots of toys and they play with me all of the
time. They pet me and kiss me and tell me how much
they love me at least 100 times a day!

Then at night, we (including Hobbes, my brother) climb
into bed and snuggle under the covers and sleep.
I am really a very lucky boy--I have it all!
I love you mommy (Krista) and daddy (Rick). Oh
yeah-you too Hobbes.

Sent in by mom, Krista

Here's a Pic of Hobbes - How Cute and he knows it

Pet Type: feral cat
Jeanne Okamoto

The day I had to put my loving companion of 18 years,
Casanova, to sleep, the vet's assistant asked if I'd be
interested in another cat. She brought out a beautiful grey
and white older four-legged lady who let me caress her and I
immediately decided she'd be my new pet. I named her
Purronita after a friend called Ronnie.

It took a lot of patience to teach her to trust me. She had
lived in the wild around the vet's fishing camp and the poor
thing has all sorts of scars on her skin from who knows what

To start with I would sit on a sofa and try to entice her
with some food which I gave to her next to me. A couple of
month later I just called her and she came on the sofa ready
to be petted but would have nothing to do with me anywhere
in the house.

It's been a year and a half and she now waits patiently for
me on the bed to wake up and give her morning combing and
love session. She still will not come anywhere close to me
if I'm in the front room by the door, but maybe by next year
at this time......

Molly & Patches
yellow lab & white calico cat

It's not a story just wanted to tell people out there if you
have any problems in life you should own a pet or two. You
are cared for more from your animals. When I'm depressed
they are the first ones there to show you all the love and
care you need.

Teresa & Mary Meindl


Except for our larger frontal lobes and speech and memory
association capacities, cats and humans have virtually identically
structured brains.


I see so much pain on the news and in the paper, makes me
wonder why some people are the way they are. I really enjoy
the stories your readers send in about themselves and the
love they have for their pets. Lets me know there are still
caring people out there. Keep up the good work with your
pet-zine..............yours truly,

Hi Dave. My boys (Skeeter and Tobee) saw this poem and
thought it most appropriate for your e-letter. I am sure
that many readers will agree when they read it. Keep up the
excellent work!!!

Sincerely, Tanya, Skeeter, and Tobee Bealmer


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